Potty Training

Potty Training

The Key to Potty Training Success? The iPotty!


Not quite sure what you’re looking at? Well, it’s a potty–with an iPad dock. Yes, mamas, potties have officially gone 2.0.

Meet the iPotty. It’s a brand-new invention that not only allows your toddler to learn to use the bathroom, but to watch movies or play games while doing so. Awesome or alarming–we just can’t tell.

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Video of the Day: Sh*t Preschoolers Say

I’ve seen my fair share of “Sh*t _______ Say” videos, but this one really made me LOL. Maybe it’s because my kids have said everything in the video at one point or another.  Wait, I’m playing Angry Birds…I have to go potty…I can do it myself…I can’t do it.  Too funny

Behold…Sh*t Preschoolers Say.  And after watching, make sure to ‘fess up and share some of the sh*t your preschooler says.  My 2-year old regularly tells me she doesn’t want to be a good girl.  Oy!

YouTube Preview Image

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Make Potty Training A Little More Fun With These Yo Gabba Gabba! Underwear

So your kid loves all things Yo Gabba Gabba!? Mine too. I got her the Yo Gabba Gabba Vans sneakers and suddenly the process of putting our shoes on in the morning is a little less drawn out. So I thought, maybe the same psychology will work with potty training, right? Enter these super cute Yo Gabba Gabba! toddler underwear:

Yo Gabba Gabba! Briefs ($6)

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Poll: Is Potty Training In One Day Really Worth It Or a Total Rip-Off?

My daughter turned 2 in July and not long after her birthday, I started introducing the idea of the using the potty. Four months later and she still hasn’t mastered the art of going to the bathroom. She will use the potty if I ask her if she has to go, but very rarely will she say “Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom.”

I know she isn’t going to get it overnight, but I am getting a little worried she’s A-ok living in diapers. I feel like I’ve tried everything–a “princess” potty that makes noise, Dora the Explorer pull-ups, just about every type of reward if she goes all by herself–but nothing is getting the job done. I talked to my pediatrician–and doctor mom, my mom, that is–about it and both of them say not to rush it. She is still on schedule and now that she understands the whole bathroom concept, it will click when her body is ready.

Problem is, I’m ready. As is my budget. I’ve been buying diapers for over 2 years now and I am so over it. My daughter is so close to putting the whole process together, I can just taste using that money for food or bills or anything besides diapers, which is literally just throwing my money in the trash.

So I was doing some research yesterday and I came across this Potty Training In One Day program that, you guessed it, promises to have your toddler using the bathroom solo in just one day. The wesbite it totally gimmicky which makes me skeptical that it actually works, but it’s been endorsed by Parents magazine and Dr. Phil.

Have any of you moms heard of it? Does it really work? If it wasn’t $50, I’d try it in heartbeat, but before I drop that kind of cash I need some real mom testimonials. So if you’ve used it or know a mom that’s used it, share your thoughts in the comments.

Or if you have some other tried and true potty training techniques, please share! I am desperate!

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Elmo Apparel Beyond the Standard Elmo T-Shirt

My six-year old son doesn’t really care what he wears on any given day.  As long as it’s clean and comfortable, he’s fine.  My 17-month old daughter, on the other hand, knows exactly what she wants to wear.  If it was up to her, she would wear one of her beloved Elmo t-shirts every day.

Have an Elmo-obsessed toddler too?  Here are a few more Elmo finds that go beyond the standard Elmo tee and  may cause big squeals of delight.Elmo Long Johns Personalize these adorable Elmo Long Johns ($20) with your child’s name for no additional cost.
Elmo Bath Robe Skip the towel and let her dry off with this bright red Elmo Terry Robe ($30) instead.
Elmo Sesame Street Underwear

Heading into the wonderful world of potty training?  Make it more fun with these Sesame Street Elmo Panties (7-Pack for $8).

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