MOMfinds Sold-Out Guide 2011

Do you hear that? Yes, the jingle bells, but also the clock ticking away the days, hours, minutes left for you to get your holiday shopping done.

Stressed? Don’t be. We got the inside scoop from retailers across the country, and they told us what this season’s bestselling toys are going to be. These are the toys that are sure to show up on your child’s holiday wish list… and the toys they’ll be wishing they asked for when they see what all their friends got.

So here they are, the top kids’ gifts–and a few treats for mom and dad, too–this holiday season. We encourage… scratch that, we’re telling you to get these items now because after Black Friday there is a very good chance you won’t find them in stock. Anywhere.

Oh and if you need some gift ideas for yourself, check out the We have a feeling you’ll see a few things you like…

Let’s Rock Elmo

Price: $55

He sings. He dances. He even plays instruments. What’s not to love? Elmo comes with a microphone, drums and a tambourine. The keyboard and the guitar are sold separately.

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Fijit Friends

Price: $45

Your little girl will love interacting with her Fijit Friend. Available in pink, purple, yellow and blue, they dance when music comes on. Even better, they respond when your daughter says certain phrases. They also light up, making them a cool nightlight, too.

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Rock Star Mickey

Price: $50

Remember how popular Dance Star Mickey was last year? Well, Rock Star Mickey is going to be even bigger because not only does he dance, he also sings and plays the guitar.

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Leapfrog LeapPad

Price: $99

An iPad for your toddler? There’s a library with over 100 learning games, books and apps you can download, plus the LeapPad has a camera and video recorder. And just like your iPad, the LeapPad is touch screen and adjusts so your child can hold it vertically or horizontally.

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Disney Princess Toddler Doll

Price: $25

Perfectly sized for your little princess, these adorable Disney princess dolls are guaranteed to be your daughter’s new go-to traveling companion. They’ just 16 inches tall and have softer features so they look more like your toddler. The bestsellers of the bunch are Pocahontas, Rapunzel and Belle.

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Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game

Price: $27

We’re convinced Angry Birds are taking over the world. There were Halloween costumes. There are plush toys. There are baby blankets. Of course, there’s the original iPhone app, but now there’s also a good old-fashioned board game, too. It’s currently the #1 wished for toy on, so given the cheap price tag we won’t be surprised when it sells out.

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Price: starting at $20

The must-have doll of the season? Yes, it’s still Lalaloopsy. Once rag dolls “who magically came to life when their very last stitch was sewn,” they’re a little larger than Barbie (with cute oversized heads), and have their own unique personalities, colorful outfits and playful pets. They retail for about $25, with additional outfits and accessories sold separately.

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VTech InnoTab

Price: $80

Not sure you want to spend $100+ on the LeapPad and all the apps? VTech’s Inno Tab is just $80 and boasts similar games that help enhance your child’s memory, math and creative thinking skills. It’s available in blue or pink and the screen easily wipes clean. Be sure to have 4 double A batteries handy if this is your pick.

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Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

Price: $18

It may not be the best thing for your paint job, but you have to admit it’s sort of amazing to watch your kid’s Hot Wheels fly down walls. Plus, he/she can get creative with cool setups.

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UGG Australia Bailey Bow Boots

Price: $100

UGGs are always a hit, but these started selling out in October. We’re guessing it has something to do with the winning combo of bright pink and bows, but it doesn’t hurt that they’re warm and comfy, too.

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I Am T-Pain Microphone

Price: $40

You don’t even have to be a fan of T-Pain’s music to appreciate this mic. It instantly auto-tunes your voice and records your song so you can share it online.

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