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Jessica Simpson’s Baby Photo Sold For What?!

News just broke that People magazine bought the first photos of Jessica Simpson’s baby girl, Maxwell Drew. And the price for those photos? $800,000!!

Insane, right? But it turns out, not really. Considering the going rate for celebrity baby photos in the past, People actually sort of got the photos for pretty cheap. Not that Jessica Simpson is in dire need for extra cash, but take a look at what some other celebrity parents were paid for their baby photos:

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Cute Kid Alert! Nicole Richie Enjoys Some Fun In The Sun With Her Beach Babes

Hey, we haven’t seen the Richie-Maddens in a while. And look how big Harlow and Sparrow Madden have grown–Sparrow is almost as tall as his sister!

The family hit the beach this weekend and Nicole was in full mommy mode. She gave them juice and played catch–all in a fab orange ensemble!

Maybe now that Nicole has a regular show in rotation, we’ll see more of her on mommy duty because who wouldn’t want to see Harlow’s sweet smile and those curls?!

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Get the Look: Zuma Rossdale’s Cool Winter Cap

Zuma Rossdale
It’s hard to decide who’s cuter, Zuma Rossdale or his daddy, Gavin.  But I’ll give a slight edge to Zuma because of his curly blond locks and cool winter cap.  It looks like an Appaman DJ Knit Hat and you can get the same one for as little as $15.

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Trending! Disney Princess Halloween Costumes Spotted on Two Star Kids In One Day…

Earlier today we saw the adorable Honor Warren wearing a Snow White costume, and now comes Harlow Madden rocking a Tangled Rapunzel costume. Are we sensing a Disney Princess trend for this Halloween?

If two of the most stylish star moms can put their kid in commercial Halloween costumes, surely you can, too. Here’s a lookalike Rapunzel costume for your girl:

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Guess the Celebrity Kid Wearing Missoni for Target…

Harlow Richie Missoni for Target
See, it’s not just us regular folks who have gone crazy for Missoni for Target.  Even rich celebrities are fans, like the uber-stylish Harlow Madden.  That’s her above wearing the pleated sweater skirt last weekend with mom, Nicole Richie, but like the rest of the collection, it’s sold out on line.

If you have your heart set on getting one for your little girl, it doesn’t hurt to check out your neighborhood Target.  I went on Saturday and found a couple of items on the shelves…probably returns from hoarders who loaded up their carts with thousands of dollars worth of Missoni.

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