Timesavers for New Moms

Timesavers for New Moms

For Baby

The Original Baby Briefcase
The Original BabyBriefcase $29
Never waste a second searching for baby’s documents by keeping everything neatly stored in one location.  The Original BabyBriefcase features pre-labeled folders for immunization and vaccination records, insurance documents, medical records and more.
Skip Hop Pronto
Skip Hop Pronto $30
Keep this handy little bag well stocked and you’ll never have to worry about reloading your rotating diaper bag collection with baby essentials.  The pronto easily fits into any bag or you can use it on its own.  There’s plenty of room for your keys, cell phone and some cash.
Skip Hop Toolbox Diaper Caddy
Skip Hop Toolbox Diaper Caddy $37
Save time with this portable diaper caddie that lets you change baby’s diapers anywhere in your home, not just on the changing table in the nursery.  It takes up very little room and helps organize all those diapers, creams and wipes.

For the Home

Tatutina Take Out Box
Tatutina Take-Out Menu Box $28
Have no time to make dinner?  There’s always take-out.  Don’t waste time looking for your favorite menu around the house.  Just keep them all tucked away in this bright menu box from Tatutina.  You’ll have more time narrowing down your choices to Chinese, Italian or Greek.

Organic Hanging Wall Organizer $30
Decorate the walls and get organized with this 100% organic cotton canvas wall hanging. Three pockets embroidered four styles to choose from to help you de-clutter and organize.
Owl Storage Bin
Owl Storage Bin $40
Feel like you’re always picking up after your kids?  Get them to pitch in and make it fun.  This eco-friendly bin is made with recycled water bottles, is plenty big for toys and folds down easily when not in use.

For On-the-Go

Babysitter Journal
Babysitter Journal by Loralin Designs $23
You’ll never make it out the door with all the little things you want your babysitter to know.  Solution?  Write down baby’s favorite activities, food ideas, sleep routine and emergency phone numbers in this journal.  You’ll only have to write down the info once, and if there’s a change you need to make, write it down in the included notepad
Tiny Prints Calling Card
Personalized Mommy Calling Cards $34 for 30
Instead of digging around your purse for a scrap of paper to write down all your contact info for your new BFF at the playground or your kid’s preschool buddy, make life easier with your own calling cards.  They’re practical —just whip them out of your bag and you’re set— and fabulous.
Medela Pump in Style
Medela Pump in Style Double Breast Pump $250
Pump both breasts simultaneously in about 10-15 minutes with this mom-approved, hospital-recommended double breast pump.  It’s easy to use and you can adjust the settings to maximize comfort.  In addition to the convenient, discreet bag, you’ll never have to worry about running out of batteries.  An AC adapter is included and you can also use it manually.

There never seems to be enough hours in the day, right moms? We’re busy juggling work, home, kids and chores, and unless you’re lucky, there’s also the dreaded commute in between.

Your day is hectic enough, so we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite time-saving products to use with baby, at home and on-the-go to make your life easier. You’ll save a few minutes here and there, and by the end of the week you’ll have enough time to indulge in some much-needed, well-deserved mommy time to spend as you wish.

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