Baby Shower Invitations

Best Baby Shower Invitations

Best for: Maternity

Baby shower invitations set the tone for the celebration, so get the party started right with these eye-catching baby shower invitations.

Unisex Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Script Invite $34/25
Tired of traditional baby pastels? This modern black and white pick is a refreshing alternative.
Yellow Flowers Invite $36/20
Flower can be overly feminine, but these whimsical dandelions done in taupe are gender-neutral.
Ready to Pop Invite $64/25
Baby showers are supposed to be fun and this invite will definitely get guests excited for the festivities.

Baby Shower Invitations for Boys

Rosy Cheeks Invite $35/25
This baby shower invite is sweet, but it’s done in a way that’s irresistibly adorable.
Modern Blocks Invite $32/20
A modern color scheme and unique typography make this invite a fresh take on the baby blocks motif.
Cirque de Bebe Invite $42/20
Want to ensure your invite doesn’t end up in a junk pile? Send out these attention-grabbing pick.

Baby Shower Invitations for Girls

Pink Accent Invite $44/20
This well-designed baby shower is pretty and simple—perfect for your baby book.
Baby Silhouette Invite $64/25
Remind guests of the real “guest” of honor with this modern silhouette baby shower invite.
Monarch Butterfly Invite $64/25
We love the bold, girly pink and purple color combo on the baby shower invitation.