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Best Holiday Cards

It’s that of time year again—time to order and send out your family holiday cards!

We scoured the market, ordered samples and rounded up the 10 best places to score the best holiday photo cards and Christmas photo cards. No matter what your budget, you’re sure to make friends and family smile by choosing an awesome holiday card from one of these amazing stationers.

1. Minted

What We Love: If you like modern, non-cheesy holiday cards printed on quality paper, you’ll love Minted. Their selection includes designs from forward-thinking, rule-breaking artists who prove that sometimes less really is more.

Minted also offers amazing deals on their holiday cards right up to the last minute. Don’t check out before doing a quick search for a coupon code that could save you some serious cash.

Our Favorite: White Christmas Holiday Photo Cards, $64/25

2. Tiny Prints

What We Love: What’s not to love about Tiny Prints? Not only do they have an insane selection of holiday cards designed to please just about every shopper, but they also make sending them a breeze. Just upload your address book and Tiny Prints will address, stamp and send the holiday cards for you!

Tiny Prints also offers great coupon codes throughout the holiday season, so be sure to shop when they’re running a money-saving promotion.

Our Favorite: Seasonal Patterns Scarlet, $57/25

3. Cardstore

What We Love: Featuring brands like Papyrus and designers like Taylor Swift, you won’t be disappointed at Cardstore. They’ve got tons of classic red and green holiday cards to choose from, but you should check out their more colorful cards.

Cardstore also now offers free shipping every day no matter how much you spend.

Our Favorite: Merry Christmas Script, $42/25

4. eInvite

What We Love: Whether you consider your style traditional or more contemporary, we’re positive eInvite has a holiday card you’ll like. This year they have over 300 holiday photo cards to choose from including designs for Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s.

The process of personalizing your card is super easy and you can order in confidence knowing a designer will review your cards before they’re sent to the printer.

Our Favorite: Merry Holidays, $65/20

5. Invitation Consultants

What We Love: Have a tendency to wait until the last minute to do everything? We have a feeling you’ll be ordering your holiday cards from Invitation Consultants. Most of their holiday cards are ready to ship within 2-4 days so you won’t spend weeks waiting to mail them out.

We also love all the coordinating accessories you can purchase along with your holiday cards. Think coordinating envelope liners, envelope seals and even gift tags.

Our Favorite: Candy Colored Holiday, $39/20

6. Fine Stationery

What We Love: The selection is vast. Not only do they have tons of digital photo holiday cards, but they even have a nice collection of cards that don’t require an image.

They also offer the option of envelope liners (for an extra fee) and you can have your return address printed right on the envelope (also for a little extra cash).

Our Favorite: Stripe Collage Photo Card, $383/25

7. Lemon Tree Paperie

What We Love: Lemon Tree Paperie probably isn’t as well known as some of these other stationers, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out their selection. We were particularly impressed with their 800+ digital holiday photo cards, including this cool colorblock find.

In addition to their holiday cards, be sure to check out their festive holiday party invites, their holiday stampers and gorgeous accessories to dress up your holiday table.

Our Favorite: Holiday Kaleidoscope Photo Cards, $74/25

8. Kodak Gallery

What We Love: The easiest way to ensure that photo you spent so long perfecting looks, well, perfect? Go to the experts. No one prints photos quite as well as Kodak and that’s why we love their holiday cards. They’re vibrant, cheerful and they’ll do that adorable photo of your family justice.

One quick note: if you’re looking for traditional cardstock holiday cards, don’t order from Kodak. These are typically printed on photo paper, which is why the pictures so look crisp.

Our Favorite: Bonnie Marcus Holiday Fun Times, $18/20

9. Hello Lucky

What We Love: We’re huge fans of Hello Lucky’s whimsical holiday card designs. They’re colorful, creative and not overly cutesy or decorated. You’ll also notice lots of cool fonts on these cards that other stationers don’t offer.

And because your holiday card has two sides, Hello Lucky takes special care to ensure the back of your card is just as pretty as the front.

Our Favorite: Stars Holiday Photo Card, $65/25

10. Etsy

What We Love: If you’re looking for original, Etsy is the place to go. Because these cards are created by smaller vendors, you’re more likely to stumble upon a holiday card no one else in your circle has seen before.

And working directly with the designer has its benefits. Want a little something changed? Just email and chances are the seller will oblige.

One last note: lots of Etsy sellers will sell you the hi-res jpeg file of your finished holiday card so you can print them wherever (and whenever!) you want.

Our Favorite: Merry & Bright Holiday Card, $15


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