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Full-size strollers offer more features than lightweight strollers, but parents pay the price with added weight and cost. They’re worth it, though. In the best full-size strollers, the seat is roomier, the ride is smoother, and convenient extras like cup holders, snack trays and large storage baskets allow you and baby to travel longer comfortably. If you’re in the market for a full-size stroller, here’s what you need to know.

What to look for

1. Comfort. This is your baby’s ride, so you want to make sure it’s as comfortable as possible. Does the seat fully recline? Is it reversible? Are the leg rests adjustable?
2. Size. You want a stroller you can easily lift and store away. If you live in the city, will you be able to carry it up and down stairs? When not in use, will it fit in your trunk or hallway closet?
3. Maneuverability. You want a stroller that is easy to push and turn corners. Bonus points if you can comfortably push with one hand.

Best All-Around Stroller

UppaBaby Vista Stroller

Price: $680
Weight: 24 pounds
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Pros: With front and rear suspension, baby enjoys a smooth ride, and the all-terrain wheels let you take it on sand, dirt and snow. The raised seat means that baby rides high—free from curious dogs or mud puddles, and the telescoping handle means no hunching over to push. The full-sized basket lets you pack in—or pick up—as much as you need. And a weather and sun shade are included so you can go out in all kinds of weather. But wait, there’s more: it’s easily turns into a double stroller with the rumble seat accessory.

Cons: Although this is one of the best strollers and it has some amazing features, there are also some drawbacks. The Vista is wide and doesn’t come equipped with a cup holder. That price tag is also a little on the high side.

Most Versatile Stroller

inglesina zippy stroller

Inglesina Zippy Stroller

Price: $380
Dimensions: 22 pounds
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Pros: Baby can ride in this stylish Italian stroller from birth through toddler years—the seat fully reclines for infants and provides plenty of room for growth. And parents rave about the one-hand fold and how little space it eats when folded.

Cons: This stroller comes with a cup holder, but it’s not as big as those on other strollers. The storage basket could also be a little bigger.

Best Basic Stroller

Chicco Cortina Stroller

Price: $154
Dimensions: 25 pounds
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Pros: Compatible with the popular KeyFit Infant Car Seat, this all-wheel suspension stroller offers a smooth ride and features fully reclining seat and multi-position leg rest.

Cons: The Cortina is a bit bulky, making it a pain to squeeze through tight doorways or hoist up and down. And unfortunately, none of that bulk is dedicated to the storage basket, which could stand to be a little more spacious.

Best Splurge Stroller

Bugaboo BEE Complete Stroller

Price: $649
Dimensions: 25 pounds
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Pros: The original Bugaboo that started it all, this celebrity favorite provides a smooth ride over any terrain, with baby facing in or out, in a bassinet or seat. And let’s face it. It’s almost as good looking as your baby.

Cons: Pushing this may be a breeze, but folding it up isn’t. There’s a two-part fold, which makes doing it one-handed almost impossible. And who could overlook the price.

Best Budget Stroller

graco quattro tour deluxe stroller

Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe

Price: $150
Dimensions: 26 pounds
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Pros: A best-selling stroller nationwide, the Quattro Tour has all the bells and whistles minus the big price tag. Baby can fully recline in the plush seat or enjoy a snack from the snack tray, while parents can take advantage of the oversized, easy-access basket and parent tray.

Cons: It’s the SUV of baby strollers—but requires SUV-size trunk space.

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    March 3, 2012

  • would definitely not say the uppa baby vista is the best carriage- just a peice of JUNK and definitely not worth the money

  • Alice
    June 8, 2012

  • The Joovy Kooper is light weight and folds very compact. The seat doesn’t let your kid slouch and has a great back support. The shoulder straps have padding and the seat is amazingly roomy. The recline is superb.