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Cookbooks For Baby

Simply Natural Baby Food $9
A good choice for those who eat (or want their babies to eat) a mainly vegetarian diet. It delivers imaginative ways to incorporate vegetables into recipes, and many wheat-free, dairy-free, and egg-free recipes for the allergy prone. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds take center stage, and when meat is introduced, vegetarian options are often suggested. It may not appeal to the mainstream, but dedicated health enthusiasts will find much to enjoy in this slender volume.
Cooking for Baby $11
Cooking for Baby is a well-written and designed cookbook that includes 80 recipes for babies 6 to 18 months. The recipes are organized by age, and include everything from introducing cereal grains and simple purees to your infant all the way to producing real meals that toddlers can eat right alongside the rest of the family. An enjoyable, easy-to-follow introduction to making your own baby food.
Blender Baby Food $14
Blender Baby Food is what you think it is: all kinds of baby food recipes for you to make in your blender. And the author makes it so easy, it may seem like more trouble to buy it at the store than make it yourself. But while the title suggests it’s only for pureed baby foods, it has many lively, unexpected recipes for older children, including good ideas for mixing up the macaroni and cheese ruts you may be stuck in.

Cookbooks For Toddlers

Mommy Made and Daddy Too! $12
This book is brought to you by the makers of the immensely popular “Mommy Made” baby foods, and encourages parents to take control of their children’s diets and health. It includes a blueprint for when and how to get your baby started on solid food, and  features a handy nutrition glossary, food pyramid, and list of helpful websites—and even a Q&A to answer the most frequently asked questions about children’s eating habits.
The Petit Appetit Cookbook $13
This cookbook from mother and professional chef Lisa Barnes has over 150 easy and fast recipes for ages 4 months to 4 years. Each recipe comes with complete nutritional information as well as easy to read labels for vegan, vegetarian, and/or allergy-friendly meals. A comprehensive cookbook to take you into the toddler years.
First Meals $15
As with many books published by DK, this cookbook is full of lush, beautiful color photographs, which make this book as much fun to look at as to experiment with. It includes loads of useful information on nutrition, and features recipes that are aimed to delight as much as they are to nourish. A must have for those with fussy eaters.

Making your own baby food is not only increasing in popularity— after all, it’s healthy, economical, and can be fun–it’s getting easier than ever with great cookbooks telling you what to introduce when, and how to best make and store your food. Some of our favorite cookbooks for babies and toddlers follow.

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