Baby Feeding Guide

Baby Feeding Guide

Mealtime Prep Essentials

Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food Trays $12

The easiest way to store a surplus of homemade baby food is by putting it in trays and freezing it. The Fresh Baby So Easy tray is designed so each compartment makes a one-ounce cube, or a single serving for baby. It also keeps freezer burn and food odors at bay when storing your little one’s meals. Bonus: it’s perfect for freezing breast milk, too.

Cooking for Baby Cookbook $14

Cooking for Baby is a well-written and designed cookbook that includes 80 recipes for babies 6 to 18 months. The recipes are organized by age, and include everything from introducing simple purees to your infant all the way to producing real meals that toddlers can enjoy. An enjoyable, easy-to-follow introduction to making your own baby food.

Beaba Babycook $149

If you’re interested in making your baby’s food from scratch, the Beaba Babycook will be your savior. It’s a countertop appliance that steams, blends, and purees foods to the desired consistency. So at the touch of a button, your dinner can become the baby’s dinner, too. It makes it almost as easy as buying baby food in jars, and usually more nutritious.

Feeding Solutions

Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons $6 for four

You’ll need some spoons to get that food to baby’s mouth, and long rubber-tipped ones have long been a favorite. These utensils from Munchkin are not only coated to be safe for infants’ gums, they have a sensor that turns the tip white if the food is unsafely hot to give her. An extra, appreciated precaution when starting the process of feeding.

Tommee Tippee Weaning Bowls $17

These weaning bowls are perfect for toddlers and parents alike. They have a snap-on lid, a weaning spoon and are stackable and are easy to hold!

Chow Baby Food Organizer $24

If you buy baby food in jars, you might be surprised just how jumbled up your apricots and oatmeal can get with your vegetable turkey dinners. Keep things in their designated food groups with this food organizer from Skip Hop. It holds a dozen jars and spins for easy access, really freeing up counter or shelf space.

Mess-Free Eating

Crocodile Creek Wild Animal Bib $2

It stands to reason that the minute you introduce foods, you want to keep that food off your baby’s sweet clothes, so bibs are a must have when beginning the solid transition.

Kippis Bib Clip $12

Feeding baby on the go?  Clip one of these Kipiis Bib Clips on to a burp cloth, kitchen towel, restaurant napkin, anything handy—and voila! You’ve got an instant bib, and your child is covered.

Sugar Booger Splat Mat $30

To make wiping up sticky spills and gooey globs effortless, put a splat mat under his high chair. Sugar Booger makes a variety of cute, large ones to make clean up a breeze. Cleaning up his hair and face, however, may take a full on scrub in the tub.

At around six months, most pediatricians recommend beginning your baby on some sort of solid food. You will most certainly want one of the best high chairs, but here are some other items you might consider when your baby enters that messy but marvelous stage.  From helpful appliances to cookbooks to bibs, here is a guide to everything you’ll need for the foray into solid food.

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