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Swaddling Blankets

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Microfleece $11

The soft fabric wings hug baby close for a secure and comfortable swaddle.

kiddopotamus swaddlemeSwaddleMe Blanket $12

This blanket relies on Velcro closures, which means it’s a lot less taxing to redo after a middle-of-the-night diaper change. What’s really impressive, though, is that it works in the car seat: just thread the buckle through the access in the back of the blanket, click and swaddle over the straps.

miracle blanketThe Miracle Blanket $30

This blanket is for serious swaddlers. Its multi-flap design makes it nearly impossible to break free, which means longer naps and nights for most babies (and you).

Lovey Blankets

Miyim Simply Organic Lovie Blankie $11

This little organic monkey by Miyim is simply sweet.

angel dear blanketAngel Dear Blanket $12

These lovey blankets have become one of the most popular baby shower gifts of the year, probably because moms know how loveable they are.

striped blanket friendStriped Blanket Friend $18

This sweet blanket is 100% organic and safe for baby. The corners are knotted and great for grasping and teething, and the bunny head makes him a great security blanket and first friend.

Multi-Purpose Blankets

Aden + Anais Muslin Blanket $20

From Aden and Anais, these muslin blankets are perfect for swaddling.

JJ Cole Swaddle Receiving Blanket in Green Birds $20

Swaddle your baby in snuggly comfort with this soft baby blanket from JJ Cole. It also works well as a floor mat for playtime.

cable knit blanketCable Knit Blanket $29

This blanket by Nautica Kids is breathable and soft, and gets snugglier with each washing. Bonus: It’s a great year-round weight.

Besides being held by mom or dad, there’s nothing more comforting for baby than snuggling up with a favorite lovey or being swaddled.  Introduce baby to these cozy baby blankets and she just might sleep through the night.  OK, maybe that’s a stretch, but hopefully long enough for you to catch some zzzs yourself.

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