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Best Baby Bath Toys

0 Months and Up

Muchkin Safety Duckie $4
This temperature sensitive rubber duckie changes colors when heat is applied so you’ll know when the water is too hot for your little duckling.

Baby Einstein Bath Book $7
Who says bath time can’t be educational? This bright, squeezable book that teaches children what floats, even floats itself.

Aquatic Bobbers $9
Fill these cool floating toys with water and they’ll float in the tub with your baby. Turn them upside and they even make funny bubbling sounds.

6 Months and Up

Munchkin Baby Bath Ball $3
Baby will really have a ball in the bath with this interactive toy that floats, strains water, and rattles and rolls.

Tub Time Bubble Maker $11
This bath toy combines two of baby’s favorite things: tubby time and bubbles!

Sophie the Giraffe Bath Toy $14
Now baby can enjoy the best-selling baby teether in the bathtub…and she squirts water.

12 Months and Up

Splat Bath Toy $7
These colorful rings are not only fun for your baby to play with, they’re also safe. This bath toys is BPA-free, phthalate-free and made from PVC-free plastic.

Tubtime Soap Crayons $8
Turn bath time into an art class with these fully washable crayons made out of soap.

Magic Mirror Shapes $24
Make a splash in the bath with these colorful tub toys. Baby-safe mirrors reflect the fun, and the soft foam sticks to the walls when wet.

We all love our cute rubber duckies, but try these other fun toys to turn bath time into play time.

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