Kim Kardashian’s baby bump

Spotted! Mom-to-Be Kim Kardashian is Starting to Show

Mom Jeanine
February 15, 2013

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We’ve been resisting the urge to post constantly about baby Kimye, but it’s about time we said something. She is starting to show, after all!

That’s mom-to-be Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Brazil earlier this month and we can’t help but feel giddy for the expectant mom at the sight of her baby bump.

We promise not to post about Kim Kardashian’s baby bump every day, but you can definitely expect updates on all her cute maternity clothes.

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  • Dlori
    February 15, 2013

  • Kim is barely pregnant and she looks like she’s 6 or 7 months along. That “baby bump” is more than jus baby. It’s Doritos, brownies and lots of fattening food. I suspect she will gain over 60 pounds with this pregnancy from overindulging and it won’t be easy to lose especially because of where she carries her weight.. With the shape and size of Kim’s body, it’ll be interesting to see if she will ever be able to get her body into it’s original state after the baby is born. I think not. After having a child, generally a woman’s body gets wider. When gravity begins to take over, well, I don’t think it’ll be a pretty picture. Normally, most mothers don’t care because they have a beautiful child which is far more important than a flabby ass. But for a girl who has nothing to offer but her ass, and is superficial through and through, what’s left for her. I hope she can find happiness within her self and stop focusing on everything that means absolutely nothing. However, with this family, I doubt that will be possible. So very sad!