Ivanka Trump Baby Girl | Arabella Rose | Playmobil

Spotted! Ivanka Trump’s Baby Girl, Arabella Rose, Can’t Get Enough Playmobil

Mom Jeanine
October 1, 2012


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She’s back and cuter than ever! Ivanka Trump shared a sweet pic of her daughter, Arabella Rose Kushner, over the weekend and it looks like the little one is the latest tot to be hooked on Playmobil.

Ivanka tweeted the pic above along with the caption, “Nothing tops Play Mobil.”

And we have to agree. The amazing play sets are great for keeping kids busy and they’re perfect for traveling because everything fits into a handy case.

Want to introduce your little one to Playmobil? Try this adorable Veterinarian Playset on sale for just $13.

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  • Cammy
    October 1, 2012

  • Target used to carry Playmobil but no more. It’s too bad. The used to only be made in Germany, but now parts are made in Malta and Czechoslovakia. There are even pieces made in China now. But the quality is still good.

  • anne
    October 2, 2012

  • Just a word of concern as I am NOT judging in a negative way. I am not sure how old this toddler is, but these tiny pieces of this toy are a choking hazard. I was not sure but then I saw the box in the photo and it states ages 4-10. It also has a warning in the corner of the box. I realize it may not be the exact toy, but I am just concerned. :)

  • Andrew
    December 3, 2012

  • First let’s address what Anne very kindly mentioned about these toys being a serious choking hazard at most this child is 16 months old, way below the recommended age. Please do not leave these toys alone with children younger than 4 years! Better yet do not have Playmobil toys around young toddlers!

    Secondly, Arabella is precious as all children are at this stage. However photos of Arabella Rose does beg the question what did Ivanka get done on her face as this child does not have distinguishable features from Ivanka now; other than the semi-plump lips. It will be very interesting in this social media centric world of ours how Ivanka will choose to control further photos of her daughter in future years!