Ivanka Trump’s Daughter | Arabella Rose

She’s Back! You Have to See That Latest Sweet Snap of Ivanka Trump’s Daughter, Arabella Rose

Mom Jeanine
September 2, 2012

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Arabella Kushner

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Such a cutie, right? Every time Ivanka posts a pic of her little girl, it’s like Arabella gets cuter and cuter.

Ivanka shared this sweet snap of Arabella on Instagram this morning and it’s just further proof that it doesn’t get much cuter than babies in their jammies. She’s adorable!

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Photo © Twitter

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  • Andrew
    December 3, 2012

  • The child is precious as all children are at this stage. However photos of Arabella Rose does beg the question what did Ivanka get done on her face as this child does not have distinguishable features from Ivanka now; other than the semi-plump lips. It will be very interesting in this social media centric world of ours how Ivanka will choose to control further photos of her daughter in future years!