Mary-Kate Olsen Is Making a Big Mistake…

Mary-Kate Olsen Is Making a Big Mistake…

Mom Jeanine
June 20, 2012


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Yes, that is Mary-Kate Olsen with her new boyfriend, Olivier Sarkozy, and his daughter. Yes, his daughter appears to be taller than MK (ha!) and yes, her beau is much older than her. 16 years to be in fact. But that’s not what’s really messed up here.

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  • k
    June 20, 2012

  • wtf?

  • Stephanie
    June 21, 2012

  • She is choosing to have a cancer stick. The father of the girl also smokes too. Whether the parents (or gf such as Mary-Kate) smokes or not, the child will soon make her own decision as well. The decision is highly influenced based on studies of a smoking home (parents) often have smoking children too. Anyhow, their life. What disturbs me (I know Mary-kate can’t help her size) is she blends in AS his child. If she wasn’t a celebrity, it would be highly assuming she was his child too.