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Looks Like Gisele Bundchen Isn’t Trying to Hide That Baby Bump Anymore…

Mom Jeanine
August 8, 2012

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gisele bundchen

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If you can even call that a baby bump.

When we saw the supermodel in a bikini last month, she definitely looked a few months pregnant, but now it’s kind of hard to tell. She definitely doesn’t have the crazy flat stomach she used to, but if that’s a baby bump it’s pretty small.

Either way, it’s almost fact that Gisele Bundchen is pregnant and she isn’t trying to hide it anymore. Earlier in the summer she was snapped wearing lots of loose tops, but after the bikini and this tight-fitting tank top she’s pretty much confirming the fact that her and Tom are expecting baby #2. So congrats! Can we just nicely ask you not to be so obnoxious this time around? Thanks in advance…

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