LEGO Friends

LEGO Friends Are Finally Here…Are You Buying?

January 3, 2012



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LEGO Friends
The wait is over.  LEGO Friends are now in stock, but the big question is…are you going to buy a set for your kid?  As you may recall, there’s a huge backlash over the redesigned mini figures, but the new collection has just as many fans…including my daughter.

You can get a small starter set for just $6 (cheap!) to see how your daughter likes them, and if she does, you can choose from 13 other sets.  Sorry, moms, but they’re not all $6.  Expect to pay up to $70 for the more elaborate ones.

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  • Kelly Groves Scott
    January 5, 2012

  • I think maybe it’s time to unsubscribe to MomFinds if they really think this is an important controversy. “Yikes! LEGO Just Made A Big Mistake” Come on. Really? Producing a girls version tailored to what girls like? How dare they! *eyeroll*

  • Lorie Shewbridge
    January 7, 2012

  • Whether it’s the fact that LEGO is tailoring the sets toward girls or that they are not all $6, as I wouldn’t expect them to be – none of the other kinds have the same price. The bigger the set, the larger the price point.
    What is the “major” issue that you are trying to get us to notice? I read the article 3 times before I figured it must be the $$$ issue.
    Why are you trying to stir up controversy where there really isn’t any? There are enough things for moms to worry about in this crazy world, let’s not make things up. I’m with Kelly, time to end my subscription to Momfinds.