Jessica Simpson Baby Photo

Jessica Simpson’s Baby Photo Sold For What?!

Mom Jeanine
May 16, 2012

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News just broke that People magazine bought the first photos of Jessica Simpson’s baby girl, Maxwell Drew. And the price for those photos? $800,000!!

Insane, right? But it turns out, not really. Considering the going rate for celebrity baby photos in the past, People actually sort of got the photos for pretty cheap. Not that Jessica Simpson is in dire need for extra cash, but take a look at what some other celebrity parents were paid for their baby photos:

Nicole Richie raked in $1 million for the first photo of her baby girl, Harlow Madden.

Jessica Alba reportedly got paid $1.5 million by OK! magazine for the first photos of Honor Warren.

Christina Aguilera scored $1.5 million for the first photos of her son, Max Bratman, from People magazine.

Matthew McConaughey received $3 million from OK! magazine for the first photos of Levi.

People magazine paid Jennifer Lopez $6 million for the first photos of her twins, Max and Emme.

Angelina Jolie sold the rights to the first photos of Shiloh to Getty Images–People magazine paid $4 million for them.

A few years later, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reportedly received $12-$14 million for the first photos of Knox and Vivienne.

So comparatively speaking, $800,000 isn’t really all that much. Wonder why she got such a low offer? Either way, we can’t wait to see the issue. We’ll post the photo(s) of Jessica and baby Maxwell as soon as we see it.

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  • Courtney
    May 16, 2012

  • oh please big stars have been getting paid big bucks for baby pics of their kids for nearly 50 years it’s nothing new then future academy award winner Vanessa Redgrave got 8 million for the first pics of her son Carlo that were published in the March 13th 1970 issue of life Magazine. and Jessica actually sold the first pics of her daughter 850,000 not 805,000