An Open Letter to Issac, Oscar, Versace and All the Other Designers Launching Children’s Clothing Lines

An Open Letter to Issac, Oscar, Versace and All the Other Designers Launching Children’s Clothing Lines

Mom Jeanine
January 27, 2012


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Over the last few months, countless high-end designers have announced and/or released children’s clothing lines. There’s Isaac Mizrahi, Oscar de la Renta, Young Versace, Lanvin… the list literally goes on. Now the question I have to all these designers is “Why?”

No really, why? So you could charge moms astronomical prices to simply clothe their kids? And in this?


I will admit, there are some cute pieces, but most of it is pretty standard. (Then there is that leopard print track suit–horrendous!) I could understand if the clothes were made from the most eco-friendly fabrics available or featured some groundbreaking technology that didn’t require washing or replacing. But $135 for an infant tee and short set that’s just plan ‘ol cotton? I don’t think so!

It’s commonly thrown around that moms have a ton of buying power. Yes, kids are expensive and that means we have to spend a lot on them. But that doesn’t mean we’re complete idiots.

If I can’t afford to splurge on your clothes for myself, what makes you think I’m going to spend a fortune on your children’s collection for my daughter who will either (a) outgrow it before I’ve even finished paying for it or (b) ruin it with ice cream, chocolate milk or something else that stains?

Here’s a quick tidbit: when you have to replace clothes and shoes every three months, it makes absolutely no sense to spend $180 on a single T-shirt. It doesn’t matter how rich you are, that’s just plain stupid.

So to conclude this rant I’d just like all of you designers attempting to charge $325 for a skanky neon yellow toddler tank top to know it’s actually insulting, as a mother, for you to market children’s clothes with such obscene price tags. You clearly think we’re stupid and care more about our child wearing your logo or brand name  than about, say, feeding them or sending them to a good school. By pricing your clothes so astronomically high, you’re basically telling me you don’t really like me. And that’s okay, because you’re clearly trying to take advantage of me and therefore I don’t like you either.

To quote the CEO of JCPenney, “Customers will not pay literally a penny more than the true value of the product.” That is a fact. And let me tell you, your fancy duds are not worth triple what I can get from Gap or Crewcuts, which by the way are also cuter. I’ll save my pennies for diapers, thank you very much.

Tell me: are you buying these designer children’s clothes? If so, WHY? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • dreemer9249
    January 27, 2012

  • I MIGHT consider (in the wee hours of the morning) paying $235 for Dior’s jammy jams IF they could GUARANTEE that my daughter slept 12 hours every single night!! Otherwise, not only are the prices RIDICULOUS… but the clothes are ugly… but then again, it seems like designer duds for moms are ugly too! Oh well. I’ll leave the ugly AND the price tags to those with far more money and far fewer brains!

  • Heather
    January 27, 2012

  • I can’t justify spending that kind of money for my child’s clothing (nor do I have that kind of money to spend!). It is not like spending money on a classic piece for yourself and having it for years (um, 3 months tops!). I mean you sometimes can’t pass childrens clothing on if they have stains you cant get out! Could you imagine if they stained it? What a waste, even if you had the kind of money to spend on them! Ridiculous.

  • Jennifer Guth Schroeder
    January 27, 2012

  • Except for the very wealthy and the super stars in the world today, no one would find these kids’ clothing lines at these prices attractive. I think that designers have lost touch with the reality of the world’s economic situation. Most of us can’t afford a $300 top for ourselves even knowing that we could wear the top for years. I can’t even begin to imagine buying a $300 top for a child who will either outgrow it in a few months or will ruin it within the first few wearings. The sad fact is that I’m sure this stuff will sell to those who can easily afford it and those who feel that image is everything. The rest of us however will continue to bargain shop and buy smart and show these designers that we have more important things to spend our money on.

  • tracie
    January 27, 2012

  • Get your panties out of wad because these clothes are not meant for the average mom. These clothes are being done for celebrity and well to do folks children. All of these designers could really careless if we purchased their product because we are NOT the customer they are focusing on………….

  • Sara
    January 27, 2012

  • Right on! Love your post! Completely agree…and now that my kids are teenagers I’m even more of the mind set that until you’re earning your own money to toss around, nobody wear designer duds (except me! haha!) While toddlers may outgrow and stain clothing, teens SHARE clothing and it disappears faster than you can imagine.

  • Shari
    January 27, 2012

  • Well, I might consider buying them if a reputable department stores carries them. Then after 3 months when my child outgrows them I’ll just return them! HA! I like to buy nice clothes for my child, but am just as happy when a designer does a collaboration with say, Target. When the Missioni items went on clearance I scored BIG time and they items were adorable. Crewcuts all the way for my son! Great quality, great prices.