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Inside Suri Cruise’s New N.Y.C. School, Avenues The World School

Mom Jeanine
September 11, 2012

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Suri Cruise

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Like kids around the country, Suri Cruise headed back to school this week. She had a bow in her hair and a backpack in tow, but that’s probably where the similarities end.

Now that she’s living in New York with her mom, Katie Holmes, Suri is enrolled at Avenues, The World School on Manhattan’s West Side. Curious about where Suri will be learning? Here are some fun–and shocking!–facts about Avenues:

  • The annual tuition is approximately $39,750. That doesn’t include the mandatory $2,000 fee, which covers lunch, snacks, athletic uniforms and annual investments in educational technology.
  • It aims to be a global school, which means there will be campuses around the world all connected and supported by a common vision and a shared curriculum.
  • The school promises all students will be truly fluent in a second language upon graduation.
  • According to the school website, “Avenues will actively teach the core moral and ethical values one would expect. Don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal. Another character trait will be particularly emphasized, though: don’t be afraid.”
  • Lastly, Avenues is a great school for parents who travel often. Should a family need to move, children will be automatically admitted to another Avenues school in the new city—as well as back at Avenues New York upon return.

Learn more about Suri’s school, Avenues The World School at

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