Ever Wonder What Moms Are Really Thinking? Here Ya Go!

Ever Wonder What Moms Are Really Thinking? Here Ya Go!

Mom Jeanine
May 4, 2012

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Just because it’s Friday and we’re obsessed with funny .gifs, enjoy!

Waking up to find your toddler–who still sleeps with you–just had an accident:

Walking into a grocery store that doesn’t allow kids:

The last time you had a manicure:

When runny poops leaks out of the diaper:

Having your 3-year-old wait listed because the preschool applicant pool was so competitive this year:

Finding a babysitter at the last minute:

How you really feel about your mommy BFF and her live-in nanny:

 Projectile vomit:

Gisele Bundchen on not eating like a garbage disposal, potty training her 6-month-old and claiming her kid doesn’t eat ice cream:

Hunger strikes:

Putting a crib sheet back on the crib mattress:

Bargaining with your kid before bedtime:

Have any funny ones of your own? Share!!

And check out more good ones at motherhoodis.tumblr.com.

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