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Going, Going, Gone… The LeapPad2 Is Already Sold Out at Leapfrog.com, But We’ve Got the Scoop On Where You Can Still Pre-Order One for Your Kid

Mom Jeanine
July 23, 2012

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Didn’t we warn you? One need not think back very far to recall how impossible it was to get a LeapPad last holiday season. So is it really any surprise that less than a week after the LeapPad2 became available for pre-order, they’re already sold out at leapfrog.com?

It’s exactly the wake-up call all you wait-until-the-last-minute parents needed because fortunately there are still a few places you can pre-order a LeapPad2 for your child. But a word to the wise: DO NOT WAIT!

Pre-order your LeapPad2 here:

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