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Finally! Shopbop Adds More Maternity Clothes and They’re Amazing…

Mom Jeanine
October 25, 2012

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Shopbop’s been a go-to for the best designer maternity jeans and maternity pants, but we’ve long wondered WTH they don’t sell any other maternity clothes. They’re already known for their amazing selection, so you know they’d find the best maternity clothes.

Well the days of wondering are over because guess what? Shopbop now has more maternity clothes. They just introduced the HATCH maternity collection and it’s amazing. There are beautifully draped dresses, flattering blous-y tops and even a gorgeous wear-everywhere coat. Check out the collection below:


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  • Mason Burrell
    October 27, 2012

  • Pregnant women should be thankful to designers who saw the need and made the trend for loose blouses and maxi dresses for they are the ones who greatly benefit from those. I am not saying that only pregnant women can wear those clothes but they are the ones who benefit the most. I have always loved and admired flexible clothes. The ones that non-pregnant women can wear and still look amazingly sexy while pregnant women can wear them and look fashionably in trend.