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Exclusive! Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham Talks Regrets and Why She Gets So Annoyed With Her Parents

Mom Jeanine
July 11, 2012


Farrah Abraham

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Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is back to recap this week’s episode, which saw her return home for a visit to Iowa and more drama with her parents.

Why didn’t you feel confident living on your own in Florida?
I feel like Florida wasn’t the place where I could have my career. It was only a place to relax, enjoy time with Sophia and get over my depression. I had doubts.

You seem to become annoyed whenever your parents talk to you–how would you like them to talk to you?
I do get annoyed with how my parents talk to me and how they try to sneakily get their way and nag me. My counselor, Deana, has spoken to my parents about how to ask me questions regarding Sophia and how to address closeness in regards to limitations and freedom. My parents insist on speaking to me separately about the same topic over and over again trying to get their way. They do not give me real support in terms of advice and being confident in my decisions and my life with Sophia.

What advice would you give to other single moms who live away from family? How do you juggle it all?
I think for other single parents who live away from family, the most important thing is to make sure you take 15 minutes out of the day for yourself. I know the stress of chores, bills, errands, daycare and work can get hectic. But something that has helped me juggle everything is incorporating activities and going places that allow me to have Sophia with me as much as possible. That way, I don’t have to stress over where she is so much.

Are you worried about the relationship you have with your mother repeating itself with you and Sophia?

I’m not concerned with history repeating itself. I think I have completely tried to show my mom and my whole family how to care and support for someone instead of adding aggravation and hardships. I’m very blunt and honest when there is wrong being done in my family. I try to have the best family as possible, and I work hard to keep my family together in a positive and healthy way. I make sure everyone communicates and that we confront an issue before it turns in to a fight. But talking, talking, talking is all it takes.

Looking back on the episode, do you feel like you overreacted at all during the weekend back in Iowa with your parents?

Well , I look back and I know there was way more that went on than what was shown on TV, so no I don’t feel I overreacted. I try to remain down-to-earth and I feel I have enough drama in my life that I don’t need to act out by being more dramatic. Maybe viewers confuse my frustration with my parents as dramatic, but it’s better then yelling and fighting.

If you had it to do all over again, would you still move to Florida on your own?

I would say, yes I would still move to Florida again. I can’t regret it. I needed Florida time.

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  • sandra
    July 11, 2012

  • Have you ever thought about being treated for anger issues? The way you talk to your parents is terrible and the more Sophia is around it, the more she will start thinking its okay to talk to her parent that way. You don’t have to take every little advice your parents give you, but you also don’t have to lash out every time they try to help. Be thankful that your parents were there to support you. Be thankful you didn’t have to go through adoption or abortion. Right now you’re acting like a spoiled brat who can’t take a step back and say “wow, look at how much they have helped me.” Yes there are bad times and situations, but you’re only weighing the bad. Don’t be surprised when Sophia grows up and realises she was raised around so much negativity. There are so many different ways to handle a situation than being stuck up all the time.

  • JaneDoerr
    July 11, 2012

  • Farah, you have serious anger issues. I feel bad that your daughter has to see that all of the time. You may think you are not dramatic but you are completely wrong. You are very disrespectful to your parents for no apparent reason. You should figure out a way to communicate with people effectively as opposed to throwing tantrums like a 2 year old. This will all rub off on your daughter. You may not believe that right now but you will see in your near future how this plays out with your daughter. Your parents are trying to help you and you obviously need it. Just the mere fact that you moved to Florida and immediately talked your daughter out of getting a fish and into getting a puppy shows how immature you are. The reason you did not want your parents to know that you got the puppy is because you knew their reaction would be that it was a horrible idea. And, they would be right. Your daughter shouldn’t have to have you yelling at her all the time. She is a baby. She is going to make a mess. If you don’t want her making a mess with an ice cream, don’t give her one in the middle of the livingroom. You have a lot to learn about being a parent and you should take in some of the advice your parents and others try to give you.

  • Name silvia
    July 11, 2012

  • Your daughter sees & hears you…. Sorry to tell you this but she will be the Same way with you one day! your parents might be annoying to you but they are your parents not your friends for you to be so rude… Go back to basics if you dont have nothing nice to say dont say Nothing!

  • jenelle
    July 11, 2012

  • You may want to rewatch these episodes and evaluate your behavior. You have a horrible temper and your daughter should not have tobe subjected to that. You have a big problem admitting you’re wrong and have severe hostility. The way you treat that dog is attrcious! I am surprised the spca hasn’t come after you. You need to get your emotions in check before you seriously snap. Your daughter will have no chance in life if you continue the path you are on with her. You yell at her and barely pay attention to her. It is sad.

  • Alea
    July 11, 2012

  • Clearly Sandra is a clueless idiot lol! There is a lot we don’t see on T.V. but w/ what we do see, it’s VERY obvious that the issues lie w/ Farrahs mom, not Farrah. Her mom is completely obsessed w/ Sophia to an unhealthy level. How she continues to harass Farrah about taking her daughter away is REDICOLOUS, what responsible mother who loves there daughter would just ship her responsibility off to another city?? Before you start calling her a SPOILED BRAT maybe step back, get a clue and understand where these issues started and continue to evolve from. Also, maybe take into account that her mom has been PHYSICALLY ABUSIVE to the point that when the police showed up they were about to put a bullet into her head because she answered the door w/ 2 knifes and wouldn’t stop walking towards them? And you want to JUDGE FARRAHS PARENTING?!!!! LOL….. Maybe think for a second where all this stemmed from and congratulate Farrah for turning out how wonderful, supportive and successful she has. She treats her parents appropriately for how they treat her. They are borderline psychopath if you ask me and anyone w/ half a brain would pick up on how odd they are but clearly that’s not the case w/ you 2 retards below me ;).

  • Jeannine Anderson
    July 11, 2012

  • Farrah, Farrah. I can hardly take watching the dynamics of your family anymore. Yes, it is true that the way you all interact with each other is more than troublesome – it’s atrocious! However, it is totally understandable why you have no friends to lean on and confide in. Nobody would put up with your anger. You are so hateful all the time. What is going on? Why on earth do you have to be so mean? There is a way to talk and react to your parents. You have not learned the fine art of listening and being kind to others – be it your Mom and Dad or a date. No wonder a guy turns and runs the other way…..Sadly enough, Sophia will most definitely learn from her mother the way to behave as she gets older. Please stay in therapy. You really need it. Have you thought about antidepressants?

  • Nikki Huckaby
    July 11, 2012

  • I have got to say, I completely agree with everyone below. I have watched the show since the beginning and sadly have only seen your attitude worsen. I realize that there is likely more to the story than what we are seeing and that there is editing involved, but knowing that as I’m sure you do after all this time, you’d think you’d try to be more aware of what you are saying and how you are saying it. Don’t be surprised when your daughter comes at you that way when you have been such an example for her. I had my issues with my parents growing up too, but I never would’ve spoken to them so disrespectfully and with such anger and hostility. I would’ve gotten my butt spanked for it and perhaps that what you need!! And not sure what the story is there but have some respect and call him DAD!!

  • sandra
    July 11, 2012

  • No Alea, you are the clueless idiot! You sound as bad as Farrah, maybe you ARE Farrah! She has NO respect for her parents and treats them like garbage! Yes, it’s true that the show doesn’t actually show EVERYTHING that’s going on, but from what we do see, it’s UNACCEPTABLE behavior from Farrah. I would NEVER allow either of my daughters or my son to speak to me the way she does. She doesn’t appreciate ANYTHING they do for her, I don’t know why they even bother. I really feel that if it weren’t for Sophia that her parents wouldn’t even speak to her. Both of my parents are DEAD, I would give ANYTHING for them to be back in my life again. She has both of her parents alive and healthy, but she treats them like CRAP! She’s nothing but a SPOILED, SELFISH, BRAT!

  • Amy
    July 11, 2012

  • Its so obvious what the problem is with this family and so many put it on Farrah. No, it is not just Farrah. I understand okay, respect your parents but I don’t respect anyone who doesn’t respect me and they don’t respect Farrah enough to know she can take care of herself and her daughter without SO much of her parents butting in because her mom thinks she knows better. This was filmed a yr ago, over a yr ago now. Things change but putting the blame on Farrah is not right, her parents raised her, she didn’t raise herself and jus turn out this way. Of course she is spoiled .. its obvious before Sophia came along they did spoil her.. but no matter what, Farrah is going to be so successful and I am so proud of her. So much has been taken from her and her parents treat her like she is so stupid and she can’t figure out how to parent unless her mother is around… that’s a lie. Farrah parents just fine without her parents. May be harder but its also better than having them around and her parents undermining her decisions with Sophia. Farrah is grown and has her own mind.. her way of doing things, not the way her mother would do it. They parent differently and we don’t see everything. Yes, she should definitely respect them both but, if they were my parents, I couldn’t fully respect them with the way they treat Farrah.. and Farrah treats them the same way. Now Michael doesn’t give a damn what she calls him but she doesn’t always call him Michael. Now if her dad doesn’t give a damn, why is everyone else freaking out about what she calls him? She is pissed at her parents still and it will continue to be there unless her parents work half way and don’t butt in to the point where it makes Farrah feel like she has not brain and can’t do a damn thing without them.. she is already pretty damn successful and it will continue.. her family issues come from within the family and started yrs ago before Sophia. She would have left by now if Sophia hadn’t come I think but then again she wouldn’t be as successful as she is at this age. Just remember, you are who raised you alot of them time. Im glad my parents are actually supportive and don’t tell me how I should do this or that.. they accept the way I do things, Farrah’s mother doesn’t always support her in that way.. Farrah’s mothers THINKS she knows best… she doesn’t. No one knows better than someone else when it comes to parenting, everyone is so different.

  • Lily
    July 11, 2012

  • Everyone should not be so quick to judge and speak as if they have no area in their life that could use improvement. She takes care of Sophia bottom line. And for that I say well done Farrah :)

  • mmyers
    July 11, 2012

  • Farrah, I have watched every episode of your story since 16 and Pregnant. I find it difficult to watch Teen Mom this season because of your vicious fights with your parents. Your behavior is beyond rude and disrespectful and is particularly difficult to watch with a toddler being a witness to your actions. Sure, your family is dysfunctional, however, as an adult (with a child) you have the responsibility to rise above it and deal with the issues in a more appropriate manner. I hope that you deal with this inappropriate behavior in your therapy and can find a way to not only communicate with your parents in a more appropriate way but also provide a better example for Sophia.

    On a related note, it is also difficult to watch Amber going through rehab. I feel like that should have been a private situation with no cameras allowed.

    Please Farrah, get help and realize that your behavior to your parents and others is dysfunctional and will only set you up for a lifetime of hardships in personal and business relationships.

  • Kelsey
    July 11, 2012

  • Farrah, I’m also a single parent and my mother in law is a lot like your mom verry obsessive and always wants the child. But there is no reason for you to treat everyone like shit! If it was only your parents fault then how come you were so rude to th guy you recently went on a date with on teen mom? Everyone can tell your very independent and that’s nice but thinking your too independent to even be called on the phone to see how you are is extreme! Your dad drove 5 days to help you move and you repay him by treating him like he’s the worst person ever is ridiculous! Also I can tell soph is startin to act just like you already and its sickning! I feel so bad for your parents and soph! So sad! You need medication.

  • Kelsey
    July 11, 2012

  • I meant teen parent ^^^

  • Tiffany
    July 11, 2012

  • Farrah, don’t listen to these rude comments. I myself seem to have your same issue. I don’t really talk back to my parents but I snap easily on everything so everybody has been trying to stay out of my way. I’m 19 and have a 7 month old. He was born in december a month after I turned 19 and ever since, my patients has dropped and I’m starting to find myself crying and getting mad all the time. I think that comes along with the stresses of being a teen mom: work, taking care of my son, paying bills..etc. I think this is just a phase that will eventually go away after time when you learn how to really handle all of your duties and learn to just let whatever your parents say role off your shoulder. I actually give you credit for not snapping on your parents more. My parents definitely are not like yours so I guess I have it a little easier. Keep your head held high and only worry about yourself and beautiful little Sophia! What your parents say no longer has relevance to your life because they can’t tell you what to do!

  • chris
    July 11, 2012

  • Farrah, Farrah, Farrah… Good Lord, where to start. You take the expression train wreck to a whole new level. The example you are setting for your daughter is despicable. If you think your behaviour is acceptable for tv viewing, I can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors. Fire your MTV counselor, and get some help. You sorely need it.

  • Lauren
    July 11, 2012

  • Exactly the way you behave and talk to your parents now, your daughter will do it to you one day. Good luck

  • Karen Mitchell
    July 11, 2012

  • I had a mother very much like your mother BUT I never talked to her the way you speak to your mother and father. I always gave my mother the respect and love that she deserved. One day your daughter will speak to you the same way you speak to your parents and that is what you will deserve. KARMA Why do you call your father Michael?

  • sara
    July 11, 2012

  • Farrah, I understand how your mother aggrivates you to the fullest because you know how to take care of your own daughter and you’re a very intelligent independant mature person! But even though you feel that way you should at least try to be nicer when you speak.. I just finished watching july 10th’s episode and the way you hung up on your mother after she said that she is looking forward to seeing you Is sad. My mother would have felt like I don’t care and its sad to think about. Try addressing your opinions in a more lady-like appropriate way because after all your mother gave you everything since the day she had you and is only trying to help you! So just think about that :)

  • nunya
    July 11, 2012

  • I don’t even bother watching the Farrah parts on Teen Mom because I hate the way she treats her parents.

  • Bg Marx
    July 11, 2012

  • for one i seen someone ask why she dosen’t call michael by dad it is because he is farrah’s father but he isn’t her sister’s dad so she finds i better to just call him by this name…also farrah’s mom is very pushy about things. all she is worried about is getting sophia. you sit here and talk about how she should respect her parnets. her mom has hit her before for one. for two the whole reason why farrah never got to tell derek that she was having his baby because of her mom. after farrah become pregnant, her mom keeped them apart. so farrah was never able to tell derek and by the time she could get her chance it was too late derek was gone…..maybe you should watch the preveiw where farrah, her mother, and sister are eating out. the girls tell their mom that they are screwed up because of her and all their mom says is sorry…..first off if you dont know everything shut ur mouths!…also dont judge farrah if you have been watching you would relieze she is getting help with her issues by seeing a consuler and she even had her mom go to one of her appointments to try and work on their issues which only bought up more pass issues cause her mom dosen’t want to listen only wants be listen too.

  • thomas
    July 11, 2012

  • Farrah, you are an awful person and will never find anyone who will love you. The way you treat your parents is disgusting.

  • Raeee
    July 12, 2012

  • Farrah , you are BEYOND disrepectful to your parents. Of course they will check on you and Sophia because you are in FLORIDA . A long way from home . I would not be surprised if Sophia will treat you how you.treat your mom. Its starting already .’its nap time Soph’ ‘I dont care!’ See? Take some medicine hoe.

  • Lisa
    July 12, 2012

  • Farrah you clearly have terrible anger problems. If I were your mom I too would never want to leave my granddaughter, whom I love, with someone as emotionally unstable and nasty as yourself. Those defending you are doing so by saying it is because your mother is “overbearing”. While can be very insistent on helping (which is something you should be grateful for as opposed to looking at it as an attack), you lash out no matter WHAT they say to you whether it is regarding Sophia or not. Every morsel of communication you have with them is stated in a vicious, irate tone. I don’t think your parents could have a conversation with you about the weather with you lashing out on them with an annoyed tone. In the last episode your mom was telling you how she couldn’t wait to see you and hopes you have a nice day-OH wait you cut her off with an aggravated “OKAY MOM BYE” *hangup*. If you can seriously sit back and watch this footage and not think you have acted like a complete jerk then I’d have to say you have more issues then just anger. Do me a favor and go look at your name trending on twitter (#farrah). If everyone thinks you’re a brat, we’re not misinformed and stupid, we’re RIGHT! It is clear you have some kind of hormonal, chemical imbalance that causes you to act in such a way. IT IS NOT NORMAL. Nor is it acceptable. I feel very sorry for your parents. I can’t believe how much patience they’ve had with you. You’ve done the right think by seeking out professional help but maybe it’s time to fire Deana and look for someone more effective.

  • Ashley
    July 12, 2012

  • You are one ungrateful spoiled child and I can’t believe you treat you parents with such disrespect. You seriously need to get help. Even the way you talk to your child is horrible. Sophia is going to see that and treat you the same way you treat your mom. I’m sorry to say this but karma is going to get you. I have a feeling Sophie is going to hate you just as much as you hate your parents. May god bless you child. You’re behavior truly scares me. 

  • itsjustme
    July 12, 2012

  • I’m sorry, but Farrah is delusional. Her statement that her counselor has told her parents how to speak to her to ensure she doesn’t get upset is plain ridiculous. Why do they have to walk on eggshells when trying to have a conversation with their daughter?? If her poor father dares to ask her questions about how she feels, or if she’s comfortable in Florida, or anything remotely normal for a parent to ask, she talks to him like he’s the biggest idiot she’s ever had a conversation with. I’m disgusted with Farrah’s behavior toward her parents; and I’m even more appalled at her having bought a dog at a pet store, when she clearly cannot care for it properly. Has she also given this dog away?

  • Jackie
    July 12, 2012

  • Instead of attempting to evaluate Farrah’s relationship with her family, and give opinions- why don’t we just pray for some mediation between them. I understand everyone is in title to their own opinion (which is why we there are blogs such as this), but it really irks me when I see so many hateful words toward a person we don’t know on a personal level. We see a show for an hour a week during a 3 month period (annually), and we think we know enough to judge Farrah? I agree, there are things I would do differently, and there are times where I think she made great decisions. C’mon, single mother, lost the father of her child, finished school (none of the other girls have done that!), taking responsibility of her own child! I say, you go girl! and I pray that everything works out for her and her family. She needs support not hate.

  • April
    July 12, 2012

  • In the comments I have read I couldn’t help but to notice most of you cheering Farrah on for being successful. Just because she is being paid to be on tv doesn’t make you successful. Work 40 hours a week, take care of a child, pay for everything yourself, then I might give you credit. However, her parents have paid for everything and she has never had to work a day in her life. Contemplating on leaving your child behind means your a sorry ass excuse for a mom. So she ended up deciding to take her child (DOESN’T MATTER!!!) the thought was still in her mind. You think leaving my child would ever be an option?! Hell No. All you young girls worship Farrah like she is actually somebody when she is nothing but an immature naive little brat. Farrah’s mom does know best. If my daughter talked to me that way I would smack her in the mouth too.

  • Conan
    July 13, 2012

  • It blows my mind that people are actually defending Farrah here. Shes a terrible person. Dont try to defend her with “we only see a small portion of her life…” Why do you think she has no friends? Zero. Can you remember one episode of the series when she was with a friend? I cant. There is a reason no one who doesnt have to be around her is. Can you really blame her mother for hitting her? If someone talked to me like that, I would smack the crap out of them too.
    And hunny, that surgery you had to “further your modeling career”, makes you look like a stripper. Its comical to see her walk around with those monstrosities.

  • Kate
    July 13, 2012

  • What is SO sad to me is that everyone on this show over the past seasons have grown and matured. Heck even AMBER who is now in prison. BUT FARRAH is nothing but a bit ch. History will NOT only repeat itself but it will come back 50 fold and kick her right in the butt. You can already see that Sophia has a bad attitude and anger issues. She is hitting and speaking rudely. There is only ONE person to blame. HER MOTHER. There is a reason she has NO FRIENDS. N ONE likes her horrible attitude. Fire the therapist she isnt doing a damn thing for you.

  • nunya
    July 14, 2012

  • Regardless of how naggy her parents might be, there’s no reason to talk to them like she done lost her mind. For all their faults (and everyone has some) they have done A LOT to help her. A lot more than some parents do. Because the facts are that Sophia is HER child and her parents don’t owe her ANYTHING in regards to that child, but Farrah walks around acting like they do, especially in the first season. And what, she gets mad because her parents have grown attached to the child and worry about her? WHO gets upset because of that? The thing that made me laugh was that she had her mom arrested for hitting her. Really? There are a lot of mothers out there who would have whooped her butt for getting knocked up at 16 in the first place, let alone the fact that Farrah has treated both her parents abominably consistently throughout the seasons. Like I said before, I’ve really just stopped watching her segments on the show because there’s only so much stupid I can take.

  • jen
    July 14, 2012

  • Farrah is clueless as to how hard her life would be if she didn’t have mtv money. She would have to learn to communicate with her parents better because picking up and moving to a nice apartment in south florida on a whim would not be an option. Don’t get me started on the cost of a private babysitter all day while she’s in “school” or “working” to grow her culinary empire. shame on mtv. This is not a realistic portrayal of life as a single mother OR a married working mother let alone a teen mom.

  • SQ
    July 15, 2012

  • Your parents are frustrating….I probably get that more than anyone on here because my dad can be extremely frustrating at times. However, I can totally understand why your mom hit you. I wouldn’t allow anyone especially my own child to talk to me the way you talk to them. Not saying i believe in hitting in the face, but i think there is only so much you can take. When my dad would get on my case so bad I would not talk back. I would not call my dad by his name (I think that is the most disrespectful thing you do! My husband wants to slap you every time he sees you do that). If you are frustrated you need to leave the room or just say in a nice way not sounding so defensive that we need to agree to disagree and move on or politely ask to talk about something else if the current topic has you on edge. You are alive and have SO much compared to kids in other countries. I think it would do you a world of good to visit some 3rd world country and do some mission work and saying, “I have grown up a lot,” shows you really haven’t. I’m not trying to make you feel like a bad person because I don’t think you are. I think you are a good mom, but I don’t think any good comes out of the bluntness and disrepect you show them. You’ll regret it trust me.

  • mike
    July 17, 2012

  • And she wonders why she can’t find love or even a friend in Florida? Seriously? If anyone has seen just a few minutes of Teen Mom then that is your answer right there…so glad this is the last season, it is time for her to get out of the spotlight for good

  • Allison
    July 17, 2012

  • A lot of people are defending the situation by saying that mtv edits the show to only show the bad stuff… Of course that’s true BUT even if the show only shows one percent of her life she is still a SUPER BRAT!!! EVEN IF SHE IS NICE ALL OF THE OTHER TIMES! I would never talk to anyone like that EVER. Its so obvious why she has no friends. She’d roll her eyes at me or make that nasty huffing sound once and that would be it. Only one on the show with NO friends. Also, her mom is bat sh#t crazy but its probably Farrah’s fault, not the other way around is my guess.

  • Yvonne
    July 18, 2012


  • Dallas
    July 22, 2012

  • You need to rewatch all the episodes! The way you talk to your parents is so disrespectful and I feel so bad that Sophia hears that. Your parents are just being concerned parents and you treat them like dirt. Be prepared for when Sophia repeats that.

  • Alyson
    July 25, 2012

  • Farrah,
    I honestly don’t even know where to start. I literally just paused the tv to say something to you because the way that you and your sister just treated your mom sickened me. You have some major issues and this season has been the worst yet for you. I have never in my life seen someone snap as bad as you for the littlest things. Your mom can’t even call you on the phone for 5 seconds to say hi to you without you snapping on her. And the way you treat “Michael”. For god sakes he drove all that way to help you move and you treat him awful the entire time he is there. You are truly sick in the head and need to be on medication or something. I am praying that dr drew confronts you and calls you out on the last episode. You need to see the way you act. It is not okay. And it is definitely not okay for Sophia to witness it. Your karma is going to be tht you are going to have a daughter that acts exactly the way you do. And you deserve it. I’m just appalled at your actions. It bothered me so much I tht I felt I needed to say something.

  • Laura
    August 28, 2012

  • Each new episode I watch, I am amazed at the emotions that arise within me when I see this nasty “parent” and her sister trash theeir mother. ai can’t wait until these two meet their Maker one day. Oh, but they would be hateful then, too. Walk away Mom… you don’t need this!
    A sickened 51 year old mother , who loves and is loved. you two daughters suck.