Exclusive! Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham Opens Up About That New Guy She’s Dating & More

Exclusive! Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham Opens Up About That New Guy She’s Dating & More

Mom Jeanine
June 26, 2012


Farrah Abraham

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Whoa! In this week’s episode of Teen Mom, Farrah turned 20, settled into life in Florida with her daughter and a new puppy and, oh yeah, started dating! Find out what she was thinking…

Why were you initially attracted to Adam?
Honestly, I think it just was convenient because he was living right down the hall in my apartment building. I was new to Florida, and I wanted to meet new people. Adam was just one of the first neighbors I saw.

You mentioned you weren’t sure Adam was boyfriend material–what are you looking for in a boyfriend?
I would say the best answer to this question is to find a male version of me. Someone who is a family person, business-minded, and enjoys traveling.

Why did you decide the time wasn’t right for Adam to meet Sophia?
I felt Adam shouldn’t meet Sophia to meet because I didn’t really like him.

What do you say to people who are criticizing your decision to leave Sophia with a neighbor you just met?
Well it’s okay that they criticize, but my neighbor offered. She had a child around the same age as Sophia, so I thought it would be okay for her to have some fun while I went out for a little bit. I would agree, though, with viewers–it is hard to trust people to watch our children. But in my situation I was glad the cameras were around.

What was most embarrassing about watching this week’s episode?
Really I wasn’t embarrassed about anything. I was mostly mad I couldn’t hit my dang golf balls at the driving rage!!! Lame right?!

What do you say to critics who say Teen Mom glamorizes teen pregnancy?
I don’t know really what’s so glamorous about my life. I work hard to make a decent living for my family, but I’m always stressing which is no fun and it’s not something I would envy.

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  • tassyPINK
    June 27, 2012

  • it’s really almost embarrassing to watch farrah show after show put down and disregard people who show any caring or interest in her; this week being the poor neighbor guy who just wanted to get to know her that she had to make feel oh, so small, by trying to make herself look oh, so big by having her kid…and her super uppity ungrateful attitude towards her parents who made it possible for her to go to school & have her daughter??? JEEBUS, i would be so totally ashamed to have acted like that on camera ALL of these seasons!

  • Sunshine Girl
    June 27, 2012

  • Does anyone really think that FARRAH DIDN’T LIKE THE NEIGHBOR???? I’m sure that he bolted as fast as he could after spending two minutes with this poor excuse for a human being. OBTW, WHAT A HUNK!!!! I’ll go out with him!!!!

  • TampaSis
    June 27, 2012

  • I agree. She is a clueless, selfish, self-centered person. And everything she says is a lie. She was in love with the neighbor and left her daughter there all the time…more than he wanted! She’s looking for someone business-minded, huh? Adam has a business degree and owns and runs a very successful business working 6 days a week while this stupid show was taping. He’s got lots of money, loves his baby nephews, and loves to travel. He suggested that she try to relax because he’s a caring person. Anyone that knows her knows that she’s a horrible person! She’s rude to everyone she comes in contact with. I hope people don’t buy the B.S. you’re selling little girl! P.S. When the cameras stop rolling I suggest you never ask to be driven around a park in a cart like you’re royalty because it’s hot. Really?!

  • minnlady
    June 27, 2012

  • do u not see how rude u were to that man…he took u out and u treated him like he was dirt…im sure it was him who didnt want to see u anymore he was just saying on a day off hed like to go to the beach and u say good for u ….. u are a mean ungreatfull person…ur dad bends over backward for u and look at how u talk to him… but i feel the worst for that baby of urs she will turn out the same way III did

  • skye
    June 29, 2012

  • OMG !!! Thought i was the only one who thought like that. Totally agree,she acts so bitchy …i dont think she realizes shes not the first girl whos had kids young and hard times in her life. That guy saw exactly how immature and angry her ass is,let her act like that around someone who wont take disrespect im sure a lesson will def be learned..just saying…Stop giving her spot light please world ..focus on people that actually appreciate it!!!

  • Peacemaker
    July 22, 2012

  • 4 words: your are genetically faulty. So nothing these people say will change your unpleasant and horrid personality. Also, please stop crying on the show, its pathetic, since I doubt Derek would’ve stayed with you if he were alive.

  • Katie A
    July 25, 2012

  • Get off her back, haters! How come some people cannot handle an educated, driven female? For those of you who did not grow up with an overbearing, manipulative parent, you will probably never understand. Props to Farrah for doing it on her own, like a boss! At least she’s not leaning on her parents to provide for her every need or worse, on welfare like many single mothers…She knows what she wants and makes it happen, thats more than I can say for many, many people …single mom or not! She didn’t like the guy, so what? Your not required to kiss someones’ ass because they take you to dinner. When your independent and driven it can be highly annoying when lazy people with no drive tell you to relax….it’s like a fat person telling a healthy person to quit exercising. She’s doing her thing – just because she doesn’t need a man to make it happen does not make her a bitch! DO YOUR DAMM THING GIRL!

  • Jen
    July 25, 2012

  • I can’t stand Farrah but what the hell was she thinking??? Her neighbor is disgusting! She’s an ungrateful brat and he looks like a tool. Losers

  • Name (required)amy
    August 29, 2012

  • She is a self centered brat..and is clearly looking to be taken care of like a spoiled princess..shes had two very nice successful guys try to be there for her and her daughter and all she does is talk about herself,money,marriage(daniel). I get that shes got a kid and wants to settle down but damn..we only saw the guy on like two episodes. Id run too..And im not sure if its just me but i think farrah treats her mom like absolute dog shit..although her mom is kindof overbearring..i do give her props for killin it in school..shes definetly seems “booksmart”. Well anyways i know i just pretty much bashed the chic but she shud just get off her pretty princess pedestal and act more like maci n catelynn, shed be way more likeable..just sayin

  • Sharshar
    August 29, 2012

  • Yes shes self centered, selfish, ungrateful, mean, rude and has that IDAF attitude! Greeeeaaaat! That she’s a hard worker, wants what’s best for her daughter, and let me not forget congradulating her on passing her class/classes in school with the help of her mom who took Sophia for a month so she can focus. Not only she treats her mother like shit! She treats her dad bad as well! Who calls their dad by his first name Michael? Farrah does which is so disrespectful! He does any and everthing for her. If she calls him, he’s there in a heartbeat. As for Daniel, I’m glad he dashed as fast as he could because she wanted a committment (an engagement ring!) But he wanted to take things slow. I know no matter what any of us comment on here on how we feel about Farrah, I guarantee she will not change her selfish, mean, rude attitude towards her parents or anyone. She says she wants a man that’s just like her, good luck! Oh for Katie A who gave props to farrah for “doing it on her own like a boss”. If it weren’t for her parents who helped her with Sophia, she wouldn’t have been able to do it :)