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Exclusive! Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham Opens Up About Relationship Regrets and Overcoming Depression

Mom Jeanine
August 14, 2012


Farrah Abraham

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What an emotional episode of Teen Mom! What started off as a fun trip to Texas for Farrah Abraham and her boyfriend, Daniel, ended abruptly in heartbreak. Here, the Teen Mom star opens up about her regrets during those days in Texas and clears up more rumors about her battle with depression.

Do you have any regrets about the things you said during dinner with Daniel’s parents? Do you think it was rude to call Daniel’s stepmom a lone bird?
I was just being me at dinner with Daniel’s parents. It seemed that Daniel’s dad was cool, but Daniel and his stepmom were not meshing with me that well. I don’t feel saying lone bird was mean. She was over-dramatic and wanted to be negative, so therefore I don’t like how she turned it into a negative.

You and Daniel were dating just over one month – why you were in such a rush for commitment? Do you wish you hadn’t talked so much about marriage and children?
Honestly, I want to know someone’s intentions when they’re dating me. Given that Sophia is getting older and I don’t want men in and out of our lives, I’m happy that I talked about marriage with Daniel. Marriage is my goal! I’m not settling for anything less, so I need a better boy than Daniel… Where’s my man?

How did it make you feel when Daniel didn’t come back to the hotel or answer your phone calls?
To me, the way Daniel acted showed how immature he is. I also think he needs mental help because he acts one way on film and another way off camera. How he behaved just showed me he was a big waste of space.

Do you feel like it was your fault at all?
How an immature boy acts is not my fault. But there’s more to come on the next episode of Teen Mom. You’ll get to see more of how the relationship ended. I hope, though, that Daniel grows up given he’s older than me.

How will you handle your next relationship differently?
My next relationship will be with someone who is actually there for more than just being on TV!

Did you learn anything by watching your relationship with Daniel unfold on TV?
Yes, to not go to Texas with anyone ever again… cheers!

Last week, a story came out about your battle with depression after Sophia was born and how you considered suicide. Do you still have those thoughts?
No, those days of feeling depressed are long gone. I think it’s great that I talked about it in my book, My Teenage Dream Ended. P.S. Thank you fans for grabbing my book today! It means a lot!

Do you still struggle with depression?
I no longer struggle with depression or grieving. It was very helpful watching myself on Teen Mom, writing my book and also recording the book soundtrack. It has me feeling great! I hope others enjoy it all as well and that I help them.

So what’s been the key to getting over your depression and those thoughts of suicide?
As mentioned, the biggest reasons I’m happy and healthy now are because I was on Teen Mom, I wrote my first book and made my first album. That was my therapy and it worked! I encourage others to sing, write, and record themselves. You will learn what makes you happy and you will find your true you and a healthy lifestyle.

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  • MyVoice
    August 15, 2012

  • Its funny how Farrah could look at that episode and not see anything wrong with it. How she could look at her behavior and blame their reactions on them. Farrah is like her mother. As much as she hates it she really is. She does not care what she says to others. She behaves like a child and its sad because her daughter is going to have the same issues. I was in shock at what she said to Danielle’s stepmom and to think she thought they handled it negatively is insane. When u date someone you take your time and get to know the person and let the person know you. No guy is going to be with Farrah with this already planned agenda she has. A guy may want to marry. It doesnt mean they want to marry you after knowing u for only a month. Farrah doesnt read comments. So shes blind to the truth. Shes going to be a lonely old woman “lone bird” herself.

  • beautifulperson1
    August 15, 2012

  • I agree with you @myvoice, took the words out of my mouth, For Farrah not to see that she’s at fault in any of this and she can’t see what she’s doing wrong to run these men away she really have some growing up to do like Daniel said. It was wrong for Daniel to just bail out like that instead of telling her what he really felt and at least made sure she got home safely, but he was right for what he said about her. Farrah just needs to forget about dating and get everything out the way she wants to do in life and then let that right man come along when she least expecting it because if she wants a mature man she has to have a mature mind set to get one.

  • yoursuchaliar
    August 15, 2012

  • From inside information(from someone who was at the dinner with you and daniel’s friends, I was told that Daniel wasnt the issue at dinner, you were. You complained the entire time and wanted him to leave with you! News flash sweet heart he hasnt seen his friends in how long? and yall live in the same place. Chances are things would have been different if you were so needy!! FYI no one after dating a month really wants to talk about getting married. Maybe the immature one is you!!! Not Daniel. You dont really no him. So dont go calling him names and saying he needs mental help when you were the one thinking about killing themselves. Get your thoughts together and your words right before you spit them out.

  • bonnie
    August 15, 2012

  • Wow this woman farrah insulted tonight may have long term heartbreak due to fertility issues. Her coldness and basic disregard for anyone but herself is actually amazing. Also she wasn’t even smart enough to read Daniel’s uncomfortable body language. 6 weeks and she wants him to put a ring on that selfish, rude know it all. She better hope that no man that wants to date her ever sees her true colours. maybe should she take her acting skills and try acting normal

  • IMO
    August 15, 2012

  • Farrah has huge mental health issues – she is so disconnected from reality that she seriously can not recognise that she is socially awkward, and was very insulting to Daniel’s Mom, Daniel, and his friends.

    She continues to defend her ‘album’ despite all the negative feedback – but wait – the music is wonderful, just some people have different tastes…

    I love @MyVoice’s comments.

    If I was momfinds I would dump Farrah’s interviews (although a lot of people probably read them because it is so shocking that Farrah believes that acting that way/discussing marriage at 6 weeks is appropriate)… I would not want to be associated with her!

    Farrah probably has more diagnosis than we know about. Megaleomaniac is one that comes to mind as a possibility.

  • SEM
    August 15, 2012


  • concerned
    August 15, 2012

  • Farrah, I find it hard to believe that you couldn’t see the discomfort on the parts of Daniel and his family during dinner. I mean the first time you meet his family, you totally insult his step mom. You have no idea why this lady has no children. The fact that she loves children and have non of her own must be very hurtful to her. I know first hand how this feel bc for many years I suffered from infertility and it hurts when others assume u don’t want kids or even ask why you don’t have kids when they have no idea about the depth of your pain being that you are childless. You were very rude and disrespectful. Shame on you.

  • N.J
    August 15, 2012

  • That girl has major issues. That guy did so much for her in one month. What guy babysits a kid thats not even theirs? And even when it is there kid they usually want the mom to watch the kid. Geez, she blew it. All that stupid talk of marriage and insulting his stepmom. SELFISH. She needs to learn how to have a real relationship and stop acting self-intitled. All dudes run away from her!!!

  • Livid
    August 15, 2012

  • Farrah, I sincerely hope you will read these comments. Let it be pointed out to you, as well, that Daniel was very mature, even down to the part when he was in the car with his friend the morning after he ditched you, he did not verbally bash you like you did him in this interview. He was quite graceful in his delivery of his opinion of you. Why he didn’t call you out for what you truly are, and that would be a completely delusional psychotic, I don’t know. And you can save the book plugs. You’re not anywhere near New York Times Bestseller material. I’d stick needles in my eyes before I would even consider reading another word of what you have to say. You are horrid.

  • Melissa
    August 15, 2012

  • It amazes me that farrah doesn’t realize how nasty she is. She is a nasty biatch to her mother, granted her mother seems a little crazy too but she doesn’t even give her a chance sometimes. I can’t believe she watches the show and doesn’t see how awful a person she is, it may be time to get even more therapy! I feel bad for Sofia to have to grow up around that. And i can see her wanting to get married someday but you can’t expect someone to marry you after six weeks especially when you are completely crazy and nasty to everyone

  • mmyers6167
    August 15, 2012

  • Watching Farrah’s story this season, I feel like one of those stupid rubberneckers who slows down on the highway to get to see a grizzly accident close up

  • Mary
    August 15, 2012

  • Farrah

    Do you clean your aptment. I saw all those nice cclothes for both you and your child on the floor.. Do you know what clothes hangers are for. Oh wait Mommy’ coming she will clean it all up. Then you will be pissed at her for cleaning.

    Farrah you are the one who is going to be a lone bird your tiny brain failed to see the SHE IS MARRIED and Has a KOVING HUSBAND.
    did you let them speak at all during dinner or was it your whole life story How you dumped Derek and then he was killed and then your cried and cried but never mention you and derek were done as a couple. ohh poor Farrah

    Farrah do you and Shopie share a binky.. Also Farrah when you cry make real tears. Your parents keep bailing you out.

    I read you are giving up Florida and moving to California well that did not last long How much did that cost your parents. I guess you will expect Micheal to pack you up > I noticed all you did is stand with your hands on your hips and order him around. The drive and moving you in almost killed him. But did you notice. I saw you had to be taken to dinner. I guess you could not go out and buy some food and make a nice meal for him. You were going to school for that. But I guess your not interested in that anymore. How many things have you tried now. But Mommy is aleays there.

    Farrah You had a baby. that means you are a mother you gave up the right to go out and party every night and demand your mother babysit. You gave up the right to say you have a life because you are still a teenager. No your a mother.

    Farrah when are you goinig to train your daughter. Oh wait your mommy will do it for you.

    Better hurry because she will not be let into any school with her Binky or diapers.

    I hope Micheal refuses to move you to California. I can’t wait to see how much you cry and finally your Mom will make him.
    But then watch out if your mother asks you a question.. We all know you will not move your self.

    Oh one more thing the trip to Texas. you said you were not having sex? how come there was one bed in the rom and you shared the room.

    Farrah stop talking to Shopie like she is a adult. Do you ever take her ouit to play or for a walk?

  • evie
    August 15, 2012

  • NO ONE LIKES FARRAH. I can’t believe you even took the time to interview her. She’s an egotistical twat with absolutely NO social skills.

  • nunya
    August 15, 2012

  • For the record, calling someone a lone bird is rude, especially when you just met them. I also feel like Farrah made Daniel’s stepmom feel bad about never having children. But I do agree with Farrah when she said that she was being herself at dinner. I’m just surprised Daniel put up with it that long. From what I’ve seen, I also agree with Daniel. Farrah does demand stuff all the time and has this sense of entitlement. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to know someone’s intentions when you’re dating them, especially when you have a kid. But anyone with a brain knows that it takes longer than a month. And I don’t think Daniel needs mental help for feeling that way. Farrah acted like an idiot the entire time. That’s what Daniel didn’t want her and it’s why she’s still single. Surprise, surprise.

  • Sarah
    August 15, 2012

  • when I saw that u called the Texas trip a “disaster” and that u “learned from it’ I thought maybe u saw the show and were aware of how ridiculous, immature, and horrid u were being but i was wrong. U r justifying your behavior and don’t see how YOU were in the wrong in this situation???! U should be so embarrassed of yourself and I’m guessing you are and that’s why you are getting so defensive….just own up to the fact that not only were u extremely insensitive after meeting his family for the first time(there’s a difference between being honest and open and have a spunky personality and just being ignorant to people’s feelings..social etiquette 101)but also EVERY GIRL knows u don’t bring up engagement marriage and children so soon after dating someone! Jesus it had been a few weeks you’re reeking of desperation and it’s not a good look to be so thirsty like that I don’t blame him for running for the hills! you’re not 16 anymore this shouldn’t be news to you you’re a grown woman with a child act like it!! stop relying on everyone else to take care of you and Sophia(btw when the hell are you going to get rid of that binky??? shes too old to be using it! do you see any of the other kids on the show constantly with binkys in their mouths??)you need to grow up! I honestly cringed watching u talking to Daniel and his family you are so clueless and awkward it’s no surprise you’re still single. Instead of making excuses for yourself and pointing fingers LEARN FROM THIS!! u are so delusional and need a reality check girl. it’s pathetic.

  • RealityCheck
    August 15, 2012

  • SImply put, no more excuses. Seriously. Wah wah wah. Effing take responsibility. My best friend, as a young single mom of a daughter Sophie’s age, went to night school for her master’s degree while working full-time during the day. However, she made smart decisions like NOT MOVING AWAY from her support system, her family and friends, who helped her out during that time. I live in FL and there is no super-awesome culinary school here that she couldn’t find an equal for closer to home. She just wanted to do her thing and every time she changes her mind about Sophia her parents go along with it. Farrah’s only support system is her family, who she treats like shite, and it’s crystal clear from last night’s episode why she has no friends and can’t make any new ones. True enough, SHE will be the lone bird standing, if she doesn’t change, Sophie grows up and becomes Farrah Jr.

  • toni
    August 15, 2012

  • Wow, I would actually have respect for the girl if she said “I was nervous and talked too much, or said the wrong thing” ……or even if she just answered with a vague- “I made a mistake. You live and learn” and left it at that! Wow! She is truly a warped mind, you have to laugh. The stepmother is the idiot if she got insulted by Farrah’s words (by the way, props to that woman for restraining herself). Daniel is the idiot because he broke up with Farrah. Anyone who basically sees Farrah for what she is, is a moron. Oh well. I think that’s probably the biggest compliment she could give someone. The moment she approves of what someone is doing, is the moment that person needs to stop and question what it is they’re doing wrong lol.

  • BratSlapper
    August 15, 2012

  • *SLAP*
    Farrah, you are a self-centered, egotistical, immature, socially retarded BRAT. Not only do YOU need to be slapped, but so do your parents for enabling your disgusting ways. As others have pointed out, how you could have watched yourself in the most recent episode and NOT see how horrible you are, is unimaginable. Your 15 minutes of “fame” for getting knocked up has gone way too far to your head. Get over yourself. Grow up and most importantly, GO AWAY.

  • Celina
    August 15, 2012

  • She was extremely rude to Daniel’s step mom. I honestly couldn’t believe my ears. I would never say that to a lady no matter how old she was. Also, Farrah will be a “lonebird” if she continues to behave that way. It seems Farrah and her mom share the same rudeness, coldness, and arrogance.

  • Nina
    August 16, 2012

  • OMG…you have so much to learn. It’s unbelieveable to me that you felt that it was okay to be rude, insensitve, and disrespectful to someone. If you don’t know let me tell you that someone women who really want children are unable to have them…without having any knowledge of her reasons for not having children you shouldnt have commented. If a woman who is beyond 40 tells me she doesnt have children I just say “oh, ok” and let it go. It can be a painful subject for some. In regard to Daniel, he made the right decision to not entertain continuing a relationship with you. It is absolutely INSANE that you think a man wants to be pressured to ask you to marry him after knowing you for six weeks. Obviously your ultimate goal is marriage…but do you realize that most people date for months or even years before they reach that point? Had you just had a conversation about dating each other exclusively that would have eliminated the problem of men coming in and out of your life and given your relationship with Daniel time to develope. You come off as an absolute nut job Not just with Daniel but with how you deal with your parents. You are snotty, rude, and its obvious that your mother did a number on you. No disrespect but you both come off as cold and uncaring and your mother acting so sticky sweet this season seems fake. As if she saw herself from previous seasons and wanted to come off in a better light. I understand that you have been through a lot but you need more therapy and it shouldnt be about how your mom made your life miserable. It should be about you and how you can become a better person. You need a filter, you don’t have to say every rude thing that comes to mind. I think you are angry as a result of your mother, losing Sophia’s father, and being alone and it shows in how you deal with people. After reading your answers to the questions above I am in complete awe that you see notihing wrong with your behavior. You even went on a date with one of your neighbors. You were rude to him. He just suggested that you have to make time for some fun in your life and that is true. You got snotty and rude with him…i was like HUH??? I hope you get the help you so desperately need. No man can make you happy until you can be happy with yourself.

  • Me
    August 16, 2012

  • She is one twisted individual. No one cares about your UGLY out of wedlock offspring anyway. In a year or two no one will even remember her name, how pathetic is this girl!!!!!!!!

  • caterpillargirl
    August 16, 2012

  • She’s a liar if not solely for her comment “I no longer struggle with depression or grieving”. I lost my boyfriend of 4 years whom I adored to an accident. I wasn’t pregnant with his child, but I also never had a negative word to say about him in his life or after it ended. It’ll be 11 years this fall and I’m still grieving. My grieving is different than it was before and I no longer suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts, but his life and death will forever affect me. I think and speak of him every single day. If she truly gave a damn about Derrick, she would still be grieving.

  • kristiiina
    August 18, 2012

  • Man, you kept asking questions that made Farrah sound repetitive!

  • mrsverreras
    August 19, 2012

  • @me u made me forget all about what farrah done when u said sophia was ugly and said all that horrible stuff about her! u r the sick and twisted piece of trash for talking about a tiny baby girl like that! i would beat ur ass if u talked about my kids like that! i don’t care if she was ugly, which she is not, keep ur immature comments to urself! she is a beautiful little girl and i hope u get alot of hate comments about this!

  • Patricia
    August 22, 2012

  • First of all i just want to say i watch teen mom as i was myself a teen mom and out of all the characters i can relate to farrah i myself also had depression and felt the brunt of being alone and doing everything on my own , having very little support and watching everyone else have a great time young were we are forced to grow up. Being alone can eat you up and make you angry , There comes a time in your life as farrah says when u need to determine who you should have around you and i think its harsh all you people are critizing her so much yet id like to see you walk a mile in her shoes. Farrah may say things out of line sometimes but dont we all , i myself speak my mind some people like it some people don’t to them i say i dont care . In saying that she has had one hell of a life so far that you people can only imagine not have to deal with it, daniel might have been a good guy or a catch but obvoiously he was not the right person for her, i feel bad that people bad mouth her and say all these nasty things about her when you dont even understand anything!! I think farrah is a terrific mother and has done everything she can to help benefit herself and her daughters life .she does deserve the very best because she has recieved nothing but pain and sorrow throughout her life you all need to grow up and give this poor girl a chance she is trying her very best… you all must forget she is still young , when your young you make mistakes but you learn from them, and mabye hers is not trusting people like you who be so judgemental and try to bring her down. !!! Keep trying Farrah and remember everyday you have the most precious gift of all to strive for , Your daughter sophia :)

  • Me
    August 28, 2012

  • @mrsverreras.

    Of course you would “kick my ass” because you are probably an uneducated, single mother of out of wedlock kids. Take it personally biatch because you should. And her kid is UGLY.

  • nancy
    August 29, 2012

  • Farrah .ARE YOU FOR REAL? daniel needs mental help??? omG girl you are a sick sick puppy. Your whole family is messed up (incl. mother, “Michael”, and your nasty 1/2 sister ashley; and of course, the french bulldog cuz, for sure, you will screw that poor little critter up big time) the whole episode with farrah and daniel i was yelling at my t.v. ‘RUN DANIEL RUN!” and you think Daniel’s immature! ahem ahem! girl .. you got a lot of growing up to do. so take your fake boobs, and your fake UGLY crying face and get a REAL JOB!!! I’m sure your book and song SUCK BIG TIME JUST LIKE YOU!!!!