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Exclusive! Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham Opens Up About Her Explosive Relationship With Her Mom

Mom Jeanine
July 17, 2012


Farrah Abraham

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Whoa! That’s all we have to say about tonight’s episode of Teen Mom. Farrah welcomed both her sister and her mom to her new home in Florida and it wasn’t long before drama ensued. Here, Farrah opens up about why she was so annoyed and what she has to say to people who criticize her relationship with her mom.

Why did you and your sister get so angry with your mom during the Florida visit?
My sister and I get mad at my mom when she acts different in front of cameras than she does in real life. I also dislike my mom telling me how to parent when she can’t even watch Sophia properly. Those are just a few reasons we get annoyed and why we were feeling hurt.

Do you have any regrets about the fight with your mom at the restaurant? Is there anything you wish you would have said or not said?
I have no regrets about the restaurant. It wasn’t my fault–my mom creates fights in front of Sophia and the only thing I could do was leave my mom at the restaurant. I try to talk, but when talking doesn’t work I feel it’s best to just know to distance yourself from a negative person.

Looking back, do you wish your mom hadn’t come to Florida?
I think it would have been best if my mom stayed home.

What do you say to critics who say you are rude to your mom and that you don’t respect her?
I will say, I have love for my parents and I try to respect them. But when you’re not a respectable person, you shouldn’t expect to recieve respect. Also, no one should judge when they don’t know everything about me or my parents–I encourage viewers to read my book My Teenage Dream Ended, which is out on August 14th, if they really want to know how my relationship with my parents has developed.

Does it upset you at all that you don’t have a close relationship with your mom?
Yes, not having a good relationship with my parents drives me crazy. When I’m looking to date a guy I see if he has a good relationship with his parents to see if he has a good support system. I’ve realized that my parents are not as supportive as I would like, but I feel like I’ve done all I can do. So I’m happy because I know I’m doing my best.

Do you think there is any way you could have a better relationship with your mom? What would it take?
I would say there is no other way to work more at mending my relationship with my mom, besides maybe taking her to my church pastor. Honestly, I’ve gone to counseling two separate times in my life with her and she never cares enough to listen or change. She has also gone to jail, anger management and I’ve ignored her and moved out to help. There is nothing more to do than keep moving on and accept your parents for who they are. I know I will never be like my mother to Sophia.

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    July 25, 2012

  • Not intended to be hateful, I think you should ask your counselor for a mental dr to make an appt wirh you and you sister have what seems to be a dual diagnosis of several different mental illness. Good news you may can find some phyc meds that will help you. You and your sister can only hope! Your mom might have made some bad choices, what you and your sister are doing is something you prob what you cant see cause your ill, disrespectful, bad role model (really bad, and you think your being such a good mom with that nasty attitude and mouth! Not only to your mom & dad, x-in laws…list goes on & on you have NO ONE) get some medication, then write a book… ” Before IKnew about my mental illness” there is your new name for your book. Cant imagine all bs in your book about your self (poor me, poor me, poor me…) Get over yourself! I wont know I wish you werent even on the show certainly not going to read the trash even if it was free! Back to the point, GO GET CHECKED FOR MENTAL ILLNESS SO YOU CAN GET MEDICATION, TAKE YOUR SISTER WITH YOU IT MUST BE GENERIC!

  • Katie A
    July 25, 2012

  • Why is it some people cannot handle an educated, driven female? For those of you who did not grow up with an overbearing, manipulative parent, you will probably never understand. She has all the responsibilities of an adult; she should have the freedom too! She is a smart woman, she doesn’t need someone there dictating her every move or constantly stating the obvious! Props to Farrah for doing it on her own, like a boss! At least she’s not leaning on her parents to provide for her every need or worse, at least sh’s not on welfare like many single mothers…She knows what she wants and makes it happen, thats more than I can say for many, many people …single mom or not! She’s doing her thing – just because she doesn’t need a man to make it happen does not make her a bitch! DO YOUR DAMM THING GIRL!

  • tammy
    July 25, 2012

  • spoiled nasty brat. social services should be involved. If you think amber should be prosecuted for domestic violence than farrah damn well should. that child will be so damaged to be around this narcissistic bitch.

  • Shana
    August 6, 2012

  • Your mom and you went to counseling TWICE? And what did you expect to happen after two whole sessions? For the heavens and Earth to move? Years of problems take a few years of counseling sessions. And BTW people don’t change overnight. As far as I can tell, your mom is not cussing, she is not hitting you, she is not doing the things that she once did to you, but I continue to see you using profanity in front of your child, I saw the youtube video of you cussing out employees at a cell phone store with your child in your arms. You think cussing like that won’t rub off onto your child? I cannot wait for your child to do to you all the things you are teaching her. You can have an argument or disagreement without having that condescending, nasty, and profanity-laced attitude of yours. You make yourself look crazy while your mom looks great for not going down to your level. She may be putting on an act in front of the cameras, but you too my dear are no better by putting all your dirty laundry out there for all to see. Also, maybe doing all those drugs while drinking is causing you mental problems. I see today’s headlines has you all over the internet. Be careful of what you do for someone will be glad to run to the tabloids and get paid. Have a nice day. ; )

  • Laura
    August 28, 2012

  • If I was your mom, I would disown both of these “daughters”. They are obviously spoiled, have zero respect for their elders, and lazy. Mom needs to walk away….happily.
    A Disgusted 51 year old mother of three very diverse children, all of whom i love, and they love me. I am sorry for you.

  • nancy
    August 30, 2012

  • don’t worry everyone! These girls (or i should say children) are very rude to their mother but God got them both in the end.. #1 ASHLEY IS SO UGLY and homely that it’s sad and FARRAH WILL NEVER EVER BE HAPPY IN HER LIFE EVER! so they got theirs in the end.

  • nancy
    August 30, 2012

  • this one is for Katie below! YOU FOOL!!!! “doesn’t need someone dictating to her” but who the ()^%% does she run to when she needs a free babysitter or $$$$$$$ …. mommy and Michael! Michael is pathetic as a father! absolutely pathetic the way he lets this D.B. Farrah poop all over him and his ex wife! shame on him for having no balls!

  • janice carney
    February 1, 2013

  • You are very rapidly cutting out your entire family from not your life………you are an adult………….but from SOPHIA’S LIFE! And she already has NO relationship with her father’s family.
    Most good mother’s LOVE to have extended family in their child’s life!
    Maybe you should re-evaluate your life’s decision for your DAUGHTER!

  • Name (required)
    August 10, 2013

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