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Exclusive! From Drug & Alcohol Addiction to Online Dating, Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham Sets the Record Straight

Mom Jeanine
August 7, 2012


Farrah Abraham

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There are so many rumors floating around out there about Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, we just had to ask her to set the record straight this week. Find out what’s fact and what’s total fiction.

Can you talk about your relationship with Daniel? It seems like it’s moving pretty quickly. Is that because of editing or did you guys really get close that quickly?
I think because of filming our relationship was moving way too fast. I’m happy it was fast because I got to know who he truly was, but normally I would not have went out of town with someone that fast.

How hard was it to ask your mom to take Sophia back with her?
For me, asking my mom to watch Sophia gave me an opportunity to look at what I could and couldn’t handle. I needed a break to reassess my living situation.

Looking back, do you think you made the right decision sending Sophia back to Omaha with your mom?
I feel at that time I made the right choice. If I’m confused about my living situation, I will try to take some time away to look at everything in terms of pros and cons and really try to find better ways to handle things. I think it helps me live my life happier, safer, and healthier for Sophia and myself.

There have been reports that you’re hooked on prescription drugs like Adderrall and Xanax and alcohol–what do you have to say to this?
These are ridiculous, untrue claims. It’s very sad that another mother would make up such stories, especially when I invited her out and treated her like a friend. In return, she was fake and wanted to make money off of hanging out with me. It truly is disgusting and twisted that others bring Sophia and myself into their lies for attention. Sophia is the biggest part of my life and she makes me the happiest. Nothing else matters–I’m focused and I do not have time for drugs or drinking. I’m happy, healthy and safe.

There are also rumors that you’re trying to “hook a millionaire” on online dating sites. What’s the status of your love life? Are you using online dating sites?
I won’t deny that I have used Reyes online dating as seen in Teen Mom, but I no longer do at this time. It’s hard being on TV and trying to find someone who is truly interested in me instead of fame. It’s hard enough trying to find true friends. Right now, I think it’s best I just help out others with their love lives and eventually my time will come again.

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  • kelli
    August 8, 2012

  • U go girl. U don’t need people who are going to bring u down. Its sad that people act fake to u. Ur a person too just BC u were on TV means u have less feelings and r less of a person? I think not. U don’t need people like that in ur life anyway. U got ur family and ur beautiful soph. People can take a hike shows what kinda heart they have spreding lies. There’s will come. Keep on doin what ur doin girl ur gunna make ur baby girl real proud of her mamma!

  • lily
    August 8, 2012

  • lol Farrah really believes she is a superstar, you ain’t that famous!! All the other girls manage to hold friendships and have real friends. Sometimes you’ve got to take a look at yourself!

  • John
    August 8, 2012

  • Haha this girl thinks she is god’s gift to the world. Fake boobs, that sensenof self entitlement and overall just a bad person. I hope she is reading this when I say she has no principles at all. How dare you disrespect your mother the ways you do, just like your sister what a joke she really is. That baby voice that she has of a spoiled childhood and she calims to be the victim of a tough life. Bullshit. She is everything that is wrong with America’s youth.

  • Taylor
    August 8, 2012

  • You really need to get over yourself…… please you are the most disrespectful,immature, spoiled, self-centered, person I’ve ever watched on TV I wish I could fast forward through the part of the show your on. Who don’t call their parents Mom and Dad…..I hope Sophia treats you the way you treat your Mom because if your Mom is as bad as you claim you have her beat. Sophia will see these shows and know how truly ugly her mothers personality is. Its time to grow up. You are so ungrateful I hope some day you get a taste of how hard life can be, then talk about depression. Last if I were your mother I would have quit helping you a long time ago so you could see how good of parents you got and how much they have helped your worthless butt!!!

  • Alisa
    August 8, 2012

  • You can claim you know what it is like to be a single broke Mom all alone, but you have no idea, on your Facebook, you have the MTV Network is your employment. Must be nice to be supported by such a big network. All you have to do is make a call and you have money. well I never had that option for my daughter. I struggled every second of her life. Just to keep her safe, feed, loved and much more. i was all alone, totally alone. So maybe you should think twice about how you describe your struggles to a person who has walked every second of pain. i took responsibility for my choice to have my daughter who is now 22. I had to wait until I am 40 now for me to go to school, my life is real life. your life as what we all see has been such a drama of good things, new cars, new furniture, close, eating out. Stop trying to tell of us of how much you struggle. You truly have NO IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • n
    August 8, 2012

  • Sophia needs a whoopin’. She’s gonna turn out to be just as ungrateful as Farrah. C’mon, she needs to get over herself. She’s famous because she got pregnant at 16.

  • steph
    August 8, 2012

  • LOL farrah you digust me. Honestly you have no idea how many mothers out there actually truly struggled way harder than you suppose you did. You’re a fiend for attention and fame and you totally think so highly of yourself just because you’re on television. Please you have money at your feet from gettin prego at 16, if you hadn’t even been on the show you wouldve truly understood the meaning of a hard life taking care of a daughter with no tv network income. My friend got pregnant at 15 and had been a foster child all her life and yet still managed to take care of her son ALL alone working at a grocery store. You have no idea what a hard life is about because you get everything you want. You’re a spoiled insecure selfish loathing inconsiderate concieted person who has no respect for anything. Grow up and be a little nicer to your parents especially your one and only mother who will someday be 6 feet under and then you will start to realise what kindof a real bitch you were to her all the years she’s helped you out. God forbid anyone who would like to be a part of your life with the way you treat people. And your bitch ass sister.

  • Iknow
    August 8, 2012

  • Who’s she kidding? What GOOD MOTHER Shipps her child off for a full month so she can study? Let’s face it she wanted to bang Daniel w no interruptions! She’s so spoiled and Sophia is getting to be the exact same way! She has no control over her! Karma us a Bit;( Farrah!!!’n

  • Sammy
    August 9, 2012

  • Farrah sweety you are “known” because you got pregnant at AGE 16. Do not be proud of that. You ARE NOT FAMOUS. What’s you talent? Opening up your legs and popping a baby out? honestly your a wannabe model and actress. You have used MTV to help you pursue your dreams. I think is it pathetic you would even compare Kourtney Kardashian to YOU ahahaha. Dumb fuck. Kourtney K is 30 SOMETHING years old hun. I think that she is definitely old enough to have a child.

  • april
    August 10, 2012

  • really? All the cruel comment I’m seeing from you guys is discusting. Farrah, I’m proud of you. with everything you have to deal with, a lot of single moms drop out of school to raise there child, but your trying to manage to do both, just because you have a baby doesn’t mean you have to stop everything you love, you made the right decision taking a break from sophia. Your not a bad mom, you just need time to focus on school. there all clearly just jelous of you and your beautiful girl and great life <3

  • Lexxa
    August 18, 2012

  • This bitch is the definition of pathetic.. She swears she’s fucking all high and mighty famous. I really hope her kid turns out just as bad as her so she can get a taste of what an ass she really is. She thinks she “struggles”, haha this easy hoe doesn’t know struggle. This world needs less people like this bitch & her sister. Even Daniel said she needed a lot of growing up to do. I want to run into this bitch someday just to spit right at her worthless face.