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Do You Feel Bad for Halle Berry?

Mom Jeanine
June 21, 2012

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Halle Berry’s been involved in a very public custody battle and the judge recently delivered a shocking order.

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  • Kay Fleshman
    June 24, 2012

  • I have had theses same questions for years. First I like Holle as an actress, but this is not about how much she has to pay, it is that she is paying or has been ordered to pay. It does not cost 20,000/month to raise a child. In custody cases I believe in situations and each parent should have to give the courts a financial reports and payment should be agreed upon or settled by a judges decsions.
    The payment should be taken out of the bank or paycheck and have a payee system to ensure each child is being supported as ordered or agreed upon. if know payment is made to the payee or payment can not be verified the courts should excersise some sort of punishment. If the child lives with one parent because of circumstances the court should order that parent to jail until that person agrees to pay up! The best scenario is when Mom & Dad file for divorce the children should be sent to a caseworker and have a plan for the kids before a divorce can be granted. The women of our society wanted freedom and equal rights and I have seen first hand that some women don’t do their fair share when it comes to doing daily tasks ( for the same pay for males) in the workplace. The women stay on task, maybe more efficent, but their expectations that they could do more is not an option they do what they do and if they do superior work that day then the other four days they get what they get. Women also take their responsibilty of having a job and probably have better attendance than their male counter part. I believe we have a very deep rooted reverse discrimination to white males, black(while some of this goes on towards them) the white male is at a disadvantage he has to compete with other white males, black or other ethenic groups and females when it comes to getting a job.