5 Things I Wish Other People Wouldn’t Talk About In Front of My Toddler…

5 Things I Wish Other People Wouldn’t Talk About In Front of My Toddler…

Mom Jeanine
February 2, 2012


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Last night I decided to treat myself to an impromptu manicure. And yes, even though I’m well aware the nail salon probably is one of those places you shouldn’t bring a child, I brought my daughter anyway. It was 7 o’clock on a Wednesday–who gets their nails done at that time?

Apparently, foul-mouthed gossipy women. A few minutes into my manicure, a woman walks in and almost instantly she’s sharing the latest updates on her personal life with everyone in the salon. She’s having drinks with her old roommate who is a total b*tch and afterwards she having dinner with her ex who cheated on her.

Now a part of me wants to be that mother who can turn the other cheek and ignore her inappropriate talk in front of my 3-year-old. But it’s not like she didn’t see my little girl sitting there. Couldn’t she have cooled it on the personal talk just a little?

I didn’t say anything to her last night, but after I was finished the salon manager apologized. It made me think, though: what else do I wish people wouldn’t talk about around my daughter…

1. Sex. Yes, it’s a part of life, but no I am not ready to talk to my 3-year-old about the birds and bees. And no, we have no idea what your ex was thinking about while he was having sex with another woman in your bed.

2. Bitches. We all know them, but do we have to refer to them as such? Especially when there are little girls in the room who still believe in best friends forever and that girls rule.

3. People who are ugly, fat or anything else like that. My 3-year-old has just about mastered the art of not calling people names. Why adults can’t do the same, I’ll never know.

4. The President. Regardless of your opinion or stance on the President’s politics, he is the leader of our country. And if we expect other people to respect him, we should do the same. We should also set the example for our kids by not bad-mouthing him every time someone will listen.

5. Kids! This one really drives me nuts. People will go on and on about how much they despise kids… in front of my kid. If you don’t have anything nice to say…

Now, is it my responsibility, as a parent, to remove my daughter when something is being said that I don’t want her to hear? Or should other people be considerate of the fact that there is a child listening? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Jamie - Social Stork
    February 2, 2012

  • It is definitely a tricky one and I don’t know that there is a good answer. I have a friend who has a two year old, and I asked her when she thought it was a good time to ask all of her friends to stop swearing in front of their daughter. Her response was a good one; “She doesn’t repeat words we don’t make a big deal about. If I were to say “Shhh don’t say that” or “Don’t swear!!” then my daughter would focus more on those words.” — I think it’s true. Just like what I don’t do with my daughter… I don’t make a big stink out of her opening a cupboard, because then it entises her to want to go back. I think as parents, its more uncomfortable for US to hear what others are saying, and I truly believe we are paying attention to it more than the child themselves, at least at 3.

  • Elizabeth Bram
    February 2, 2012

  • I hear you. Add to the list, anything touchy regarding parental relationships! I will never know why people will ask me “Has her father been in touch lately?” with my kid in the room. You would think people would have enough sense than to do that, but they still do..

  • Big Mama
    February 2, 2012

  • Wishful thinking honey. Though it’d be nice & ideal for every single person in the world to have that thing we call “consideration of others”, very few people actually practice it. As much as we’d like to tell them to tone it down & to be mindful of the kids, remember that They have the right to speak about what they want, to whom they want to. And in your situation, that person paid to be there (to relax & have girl-time/ me-time) and probably felt no need to filter what she wanted talk about. It truly sucks, but it’s reality. I think it’s our responsibility as mothers to either take the child out of the situation if we really don’t want the exposure or take the time afterward to explain that some people say certain things and talk a certain way thats not nice. We need to teach that although some people talk that way, it does not mean that it is acceptable, especially in our own family/household. I personally would add that if I heard my child speaking in that same manner, there would be consequences.

  • Justine Pierson
    February 24, 2012

  • I think anyone who acts like this in front of kids has zero class! I am the manager of a convenience store and people like to say a lot of crazy things but if there are kids in the room I politely ask them not to speak that way, I think all customers should be able to have a comfortable experience whether they are children or adults. I think the employees in the salon should have spoken up for you, that’s their job, not yours :(