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5 Signs You’re Oversharing Your Kids on Facebook…

Mom Jeanine
January 20, 2012


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I love Facebook as much as the next mom, but my goodness do I see some crazy things on there. And not that it’s okay, but I kind of expect craziness from my younger cousins. But from my mommy friends? Ladies, chill out! Everything is not meant to shared. Especially when it comes to your children.

So before you post the next time, please make sure it’s not one of these.

1. You posted a pic of your pee stick. Plain and simple, no one wants to see that.

2. You’re Facebook friends know your kid’s full name and birth date. And I’m not talking about your FB friends who are also relatives. I’m talking about random old co-workers or acquaintances you barely know. All that’s missing is your kid’s SS#.

3. You Facebook’d your delivery in real time. “Having contractions.” “Pushing now.” “Baby crowning.” “Head out.” “It’s a girl!” Thanks for the play by play, but all I really need to know is you had a healthy baby. K? Thx!

4. You’ve posted a pic of your kid in the bath tub. Sure, a naked baby is cute to you. But it just makes everyone else feel weird and uncomfortable.

5. You “check in” every time you drop your kid off at school. Or karate class. Or the playground. For one, nobody really cares. But more importantly, if someone did care–say a stalker!–you’re making it way too easy for them.

Any other warning signs moms should be aware of? Share in the comments.

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  • Nickeya Payne-crumet
    January 20, 2012

  • I didnt post a pee stick pic to my facebook but I did send it to my friends. They knew how long we had been trying. I also only have close fam and friends on mine so I might be quilty of a little over sharing

  • Patricia
    January 20, 2012

  • im guilty of posting a picture of my daughter in the tub but you cannot see anything inappropriate.

  • Hyman
    January 20, 2012

  • I really loathe when anyone sexualizes a baby in a bathtub … How can that be uncomfortable?? Usually when sitting in the tub u cannot see private parts – which I do honk should be private.

    And … I just really don’t think it’s fair to post children pics on the Internet ever. Unless its to your close fiends and family. I would be so mad if there were pics of me floatin around the web… And YES! Pictures stay on the web forever.

    I did find it rather off putting that my SIL posted a pic of her neice sitting on the potty while potty training. THATS over share and weird and uncomfortable.