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5 Musicians I Will Never Let My Daughter Listen to In My Presence…

Mom Jeanine
February 21, 2012


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It’s official. I have crossed the line. You know the line. The one that divides your musical tastes and preferences from those of the generation after you. Yeah, I on the old side now.

Now, I can still appreciate some new, young artist. For example, I love Bruno Mars. But some of this crap that comes out today, I just can’t take.  And before I get all worked up, I can already hear myself sounding like my mother when I was a teenager. “What are you listening to?” “Is this what you call music?”

I never imagined myself being the type of mother who censored what her child listened to, but I can already see that’s going to be me. And here’s who will be at the top of my censored list:

1. Lil Wayne. This should come as no surprise given my post from last week. Say what you will about his “flow,” but the fact is that Weezy’s music is expletive-laden and I just don’t want that sh*t crap blaring into my child’s brain.

2. Rihanna. The sad fact is, I actually like some of Rihanna’s music. But she recently collaborated with Chris Brown–yup, that Chris Brown–on a song called “Birthday Cake” and OMG holy inappropriate. I won’t even go into the whole ordeal of doing a song with a guy who beat you up, but yeah I’ve officially jumped off the Ri-Ri ship.

3. Taylor Swift. I’m sorry to all her fans out there, but she just annoys the crap out of me. Her voice makes me want to cover my ears. Maybe my daughter can listen to her on an MP3 player, but definitely not on my speakers.

4. Rick Ross. Full disclosure: I don’t really know many Rick Ross songs. But there are two reasons he’s on the list. First, every time I do here a Rick Ross song I immediately think of the time I was flipping channels and saw his naked tattooed chest and belly. Not a pretty sight. Second, he has a popular song called “Ima Boss” and another called “Stay Schemin” and yeah, I don’t need any rapper undoing my daughter’s $30,000 education.

5. The Rolling Stones. I know they’re classic to a lot of people, but after reading this post on “Brown Sugar” a while back I refuse to support them. Who knows what the songs intended meaning was, but there is definitely some inappropriate stuff in there.

What about you? Is there any song or artist that just drives you over the edge? Share who you’d never let your kids listen to in the comments.

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  • Jo
    February 21, 2012

  • Katy Perry, she sings junk!

  • Blkgurlrocs
    February 21, 2012

  • I agree with all of the above. You forgot most of Trey Songz oversexed music. I Don’t even listen to any or most of these artist. smut songs. but will certainly not let my kids listen to the garbage. My sister does and it ticks me off, because they come home singing songs Idk and when I finally hear the song and the real words I go crazy and tell them they can never listen to that crap again.

  • Kate B
    February 21, 2012

  • Wow Rhianna just pushed you off now? I had a hell of a time explaining to my kids why I felt it was inappropriate that they listen to S&M? Almost all hip hop is off the playlist for my kids 7 and 10 and this from parents who will be attending their 5th Bonnaroo in a row this year. I suggest you try some Michael Franti for a similar vibe and MUCH better message.

  • Monica
    February 21, 2012

  • Really the stones? How long you going to keep your kids under a rock? If you do a good job parenting, they’re not going to become lil wayne.

  • Lela
    February 22, 2012

  • Ditto on RiRi. Her new song with Chris Brown was such a slap in the face for all those who supported her. I just don’t get how a 20 something does not realize the ramifications of such a collaboration. And that song? gross! Really? someone that supposedly “loves” you and attacks and brutalizes you and a couple of years later THIS is the song you want to sing with him? And the worse is there are young girls out there thinking this is ok. Just completely disgusted.