2011 Most Annoying Celebrity Moms

Year in Review: Top 5 Most Annoying Celebrity Moms of 2011

December 30, 2011

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OK, these celebrity moms are probably all good moms, probably even totally awesome, but after a year of overexposure in the media, one can’t help but be annoyed with them even just a little bit. Behold, the top 5 most annoying celebrity moms of 2011…

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Kris Jenner
Kris Jenner: Talk about overexposure.  There’s a reason why Kris is also on our Most Infamous Moms of 2011 list.  Actually, there are six reasons (AKA kids), and we’re tired of watching their lives unfold on TV.

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham: You can’t deny the fact that the woman has some serious style, but traipsing around town in sky-high heels with a newborn is simply ridiculous.  She could at least invest in a stroller…and would it kill her to smile once in a while?

Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes:
Yes, Suri is one of the most stylish celebrity tots in Hollywood, but let’s give the high heels a rest.  And if it’s cold enough for you to throw on a coat and knee high boots, let’s do the same with the kid.

Taylor Armstrong
Taylor Armstrong: The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills has had a very rough year, and our hearts go out to her and her young daughter, but it was exhausting watching her meltdowns and confrontations on every episode.  Actually, the same can be said about some of the other housewives including Kim and Brandi, but what’s a show without some drama, right?  Let’s hope 2012 is a better year for all of them.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie:
She’s got the hottie husband, the gorgeous kids, the sprawling villas, the box-office hits and the charitable work under her belt.  Is there anything she doesn’t have or can’t do?  Of course I’m annoyed…and jealous, too.

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