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Year In Review: The 11 Most Infamous Moms of 2011

Mom Jeanine
December 28, 2011


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There was a lot to celebrate in 2011. From stylish celebrity moms-to-be to drool-worthy collaborations, lots of the year’s news made us giddy with delight. But 2011 wasn’t without its share of drama. And sadly, moms were at the center of a lot of it.

So as we send off 2011, let’s agree to send off these hot mess moms and their craziness. Hopefully they’ll all be behaving better in 2012. Behold, the worst moms of 2011…

Botox mom. Sure, it all turned out to be a hoax in the end, but that just made it worse. It was bad when she “injected” her 9-year-old daughter with Botox–it was worse when she came clean about lying about the whole thing for cash.

Toddlers and Tiaras Pretty Woman Prostitute Costume

The mom who dressed her daughter as a hooker. Yes, one of the infamous Toddlers & Tiaras moms allowed this to happen. Apparently, she was going to for the whole Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman look, but I think we can all agree it’s just tasteless to dress your toddler as a prostitute.

Casey Anthony. Enough said.

Jenna Lyons. The beloved J. Crew exec thought it would be a good idea to paint her son’s toenails pink–with chemical-laden nail polish!–and then publish it in a J. Crew catalog. Conservatives and psychologists were in a tizzy about the polish being pink–we still can’t get over how not kid-friendly that nail polish was!

Kris Jenner. She’s always been pretty annoying, but this year she was particularly out of control. Her biggest offense? Making her rounds to all the TV shows to promote her new book within a week of her daughter filing for divorce. Coincidence? You decide.

Michelle Duggar. Our heart goes out to Michelle and Jim Bob on the loss of their unborn baby girl, but this year Michelle caught hell when she announced she was expecting her 20th child. It prompted us to question how many kids is too many and countless other moms to ask when enough is enough.

The mom who forgot to check her son’s “drink” for alcohol. It was an honest mistake, but the overall consensus was that this mom should have been more diligent. She ordered her kid a virgin drink, so she should have been responsible for checking to ensure it was virgin before allowing her kid to drink it. But I think we all learned a valuable lesson–don’t order virgin drinks for your kid! Whatever happened to chocolate milk being the treat?

Tori Spelling. In general, we’ve got no beef with Tori Spelling but she really sent us through the roof when she bragged blogged about her son’s use of profanity. Yeah, we get that the paparazzi are super annoying, but that doesn’t make it okay for your 5-year-old son to curse them out and stick his middle finger up. The only thing worse is you blogging about the incident as if his actions made you proud.

Kathy Witterick. Also known as the Canadian mom who decided to keep her kid’s gender a secret… even after he/she was out of the womb. According to her and her husband, they’ve decided to raise a genderless child. Sounds like an interesting experiment, let’s just hope they have lots of money to pay for a therapist to undo all that crazy.

The “stars” of the WombTube videos. While we understand that learning you’re pregnant is a very exciting moment, we also thought it was supposed to be a very private moment. Not so this year when tons of expectant moms starting posting videos of themselves taking pregnancy tests on YouTube. Like on the toilet peeing on the stick videos. Basically, the definition of TMI.

The pregnant mom I caught throwing back champagne. I know my stance should be to each her own, but it definitely made me gawk when I saw a very pregnant woman openly drinking two glasses of champagne earlier this year. I know some docs say alcohol in moderation is fine while pregnant, but I just don’t buy it. And if there are no studies to verify that, why even put your unborn child at risk? Like I said then, I just don’t get it.

Any other nominations? Share your thoughts on the worst moms of 2011 in the comments.

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  • Kelly Groves Scott
    December 28, 2011

  • I don’t get what was wrong with the mom painting her son’s toenails? Was it some recalled polish from China with a high lead count or what?

  • Andrea B
    December 28, 2011

  • Michelle Duggar should not be even on the list of bad moms. She knows how to raise kids that are polite, respectful, etc. (so many good qualities, to name a few). I don’t know many kids who are as good as them. Of course, no one’s perfect.
    There must be something underlying that has to do with finding bad with anyone who loves Jesus. The Bible says that would happen. I suppose Tim Tebow will be on a “bad” list for something, too.

  • Sarah
    December 28, 2011

  • @Andrea B- Yes, yes and yes-i totally agree!! if her children are well adjusted (which the all seem to be) why judge?? They have a HUGE family that i would never want, but they are all taken care of, financially supported and aren’t hurting anyone…Michelle Duggar is the farthest thing from a “bad mom”

  • Janel
    December 29, 2011

  • I don’t know how it is that you think you are the authority on bad parenting. This is so very obnoxious, it almost makes one wonder about the way the author was raised. We all make mistakes in life, and unfortunately, we all make mistakes with our children. But beyond that, we all have our own ideas of how we want to raise our children. That’s ok! Ok so allegedly killing you child, is horrible, of course. Lying about injecting your child with Botox, yeah, pretty bazaar. But you are looking at incidents in these other women’s life’s and making a generalized statement of what they are. How is that fair? Why do some women think they always have to put eachother down? One thing I don’t do for sure, is judge other peoples parenting, I wouldn’t want karma to get me there.