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TV Talk! Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham Talks Puppies, Starting Her Own Franchise and Opening Her Own Restaurant

Mom Jeanine
August 10, 2011


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If you missed last night’s episode of Teen Mom, you missed a lot. In addition to Farrah receiving confirmation that she’d earned her Associate’s degree (congrats!!), she also got a puppy. Wondering what she was thinking? We asked her!

1. How does it feel to have received your degree from culinary school?
Graduating with my Associate’s degree was an amazing feeling. It was such a journey trying to get that degree–it was hard work. When I finally got that piece of paper showing, when I had my diploma, I was thrilled to move forward in my life. Without it I know I would have been held back in life, both financially and professionally.

2. Now that you have your Associate’s degree, what are your future plans? Will you continue with school or start working in a restaurant?
My 2 year plan consists of continuing my education and earning my Bachelor’s degree. While in school, I’ll also be releasing my first book, which is aimed to to help young teens and parents learn from my life experiences. I’ll also be starting my own franchise, Healthy You Vending, which I hope to have in schools and public places to encourage healthy eating choices. From there I plan to open my own restaurant–I’ve been perfecting my business plan–and I will continue to create my own products and businesses and try to impact others in a positive way.

3. Let’s talk about the dog–how has it been having a baby and a puppy?
My experience with taking on a puppy and a baby was very hard. Maybe because I’m a single parent, but it was stressful, especially potting training Sophia and the puppy. As this season continues, you’ll see the tough choice I have to make about the puppy.

4. Do you still have the puppy? Any regrets?
You will have to watch next week’s episode to see the fate of the puppy. I feel buying a puppy, when I had so many other responsibilities financially, just added stress. The puppy became more of a chore rather than something I could truly enjoy.

5. Do you feel like you have it harder or easier than the other Teen Moms?
I would say I’m more mature in a lot of ways than most young mothers I’m around. I feel that I have had a harder path in many ways because of the choices I made and my particular circumstances. But to say I have it easier or harder than other teen moms, I’d rather not judge. The other teen moms have different ups and downs that none of us would want to experience.

6. Okay lastly, let’s talk about your mom. Do you feel like your relationship has gotten better? Her reaction to the dog was pretty mild.
I feel in this past episode you can tell my relationship with my mom has gotten better. She didn’t flip out when she saw the puppy, so that was a great sign.

Watch Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV. Follow her on Twitter @F1abraham.

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  • Mel
    August 10, 2011

  • Personally i think Farrah is a spoilt brat! They way she speaks to her mother and father disgusts me, espcially the ‘Barney’ thing. She always thinks she is right too, and she is not really like other teen moms, they don’t get paid $100,000′s to be on tv, she has gained so many opportunities off the back of the show.. lets hope she makes the most of it. I just hope that little, cute Sophia doesn’t turn out ungrateful like her mother.

  • Alikick
    August 10, 2011

  • Yeah, I think that Farrah’s mom try to be nice and she talk to her mother like she is nothing. Hopefully, Sophia wont treat you that way. I know you all say I am going to be different with my kids, but what make you think you kids are going to be different than you. RESPECT your mom, you piss me off how you talk to your mom on your way to court, when she was trying to keep your mind from thinking about court or when she wanted to celebrate your graudation and you where nasty to her. I love my mom because tomorrow she might not be there and dont want to live with regrets.

  • Tam
    August 11, 2011

  • You’re more mature than most other teen mother’s? You’re writing a book to educate others? What a laugh. You are an ungrateful, mean, nasty human being and I think young girls would do well to STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE from any advice you have for any of them. I think it will be one fine day when Sofia begins treating you like you treat your mother, I can’t wait and it shouldn’t take too long, after all, you’re teaching her all about it… Anyone need advice? Buy someone else’s book, you do not want to learn what this mean, disrespectful girl has to teach…

  • Kat
    August 24, 2011

  • Ugh, this girl makes me ill. I can’t wait until Sophia starts treating her the way she treats her parents. This b*tch is a total joke and I hope that selling her daughter to MTV backfires in her face someday. She is by far the most ungrateful human being on the planet and an absolute joke to those who watch her on TV. I would never book her as a model, especially since she sounds stupid as sin when she speaks and not to mention, she can barely handle raising a puppy let alone her own child. You’re still a child yourself Farrah, get a grip, turn to God and ask for guidance for your miserable existence. Or, continue selling your soul to MTV and see how far that gets you in life. Sorry excuse for a mother.

  • D
    August 24, 2011

  • Great job! Farrah follow your dreams;)

  • Alexis
    August 25, 2011

  • Wow, I agree with everyone else. Farrah, you are extremely immature and you treat your mother like garbage. It is hilarious to see these interviews that exude your delusion, like thinking you are more mature than other teen moms. It is exactly the opposite. Grow up, and quit thinking so highly of yourself, because I guarantee you that no one else does. You are pathetic.

  • NJ
    August 26, 2011

  • I agree with everyone else Farrah and such a rude selfish and spoiled BRAT. Not only is she disrespectful towards both her parents but who call their real dad by their first name! When I was growing up children were taught to respect adults whether you liked them or not.

    And she had the nerve to write a book about teen parenting. Aside from losing Derek. How has Farrah really struggled exactly? If it wasn’t for her parents she would be where she is today, since obviously no one else likes her disrespectful attitude. I don’t know what she put in her book, but I hope its not teaching teen girls how to have no respect for their parents or to call their mom, mom and their dad by their first name. Who does that? And I don’t know why they condone it either.