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Tell the Truth: Do You Trust Hotel Babysitting Services?

Mom Jeanine
August 30, 2011


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I know it seems counter-intuitive, but I always start thinking about vacations at the end of summer. Perhaps it’s because I like sneaking that last trip in to extend the season a little longer or maybe it’s my way of prepping for the craziness that is the holidays in my family. Either way, I’ve been researching quick getaways for the last few nights.

Problem is, I occasionally suffer from parent paranoia and as a result I just can’t see myself vacationing without my daughter. I could definitely use a break, but I just don’t think I’d actually enjoy a vacation if my daughter was so far away.

There’s an obvious solution, of course. Choose a hotel that has babysitting services.You know those hotels that boast a playroom or special kids’ suite with “trained” staff to watch your kids between certain hours? Seems like the perfect amenity for busy moms traveling with kids, right? In theory, I think it’s an awesome idea.

But truthfully, I would never, ever, leave my daughter with a hotel-provided babysitter. The thought alone gives me the shivers. A complete and total stranger watching my child in a foreign place? It seems like the setup for a horror movie that doesn’t end well. Maybe Natalee Holloway and the latest Aruba disappearance case have put me even more on edge–if that’s even possible–but I just don’t think I could ever let a stranger supervise my child while I was on vacation.

And yet, tons of hotels offer these services for moms which must mean someone is using them. But who? Have you ever used a hotel-provided babysitter or left your child in a hotel’s playroom? Do you trust hotel babysitting services? Weigh in in the comments.

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  • Beth
    August 30, 2011

  • I am glad you posted that. Never would I leave my child in one of those babysitting drop off programs. I don’t really get it-most parents call references, hang around the first time they have a babysitter, but on vacation they trust these places? I would just be too nervous!

  • Michelle
    August 31, 2011

  • We went to Disney this year and I knew my toddler wouldn’t last two seconds at the formal Saturday night dinner party. I did a lot of research about the sitting service offered through the hotel and felt comfortable that it was a very buttoned up service. It also helped that it’s been thoroughly analyzed and an “approved Disney” service. The sitter arrived at our hotel room, went through all her credentials, paperwork, etc. and she stayed in the room for the duration of the night. All in all, it was a good experience and I would do it again.

  • SDL
    August 31, 2011

  • @Michelle: Thanks for the feedback. I had heard other good things about the services at Disney (to be clear, Disney World) and am thin king about it for us.

  • Amanda Armstrong
    August 31, 2011

  • Great subject!

    As the founder of Sitter Pals, a social network of parents and their trusted sitters, I would like mothers to know there are more options out there!

    You can now create your own secure network of close friends and the sitters you know, trust, and hire. When you are traveling, if you have a friend in your network from that city, you will be connected to that friend’s trusted sitter. You can connect and hire someone your friend trusts with their children, and not a complete stranger.

  • Annie
    August 31, 2011

  • Plain and simple “NO WAY!” I am a very paranoid parent! I would be way too nervous to leave my child with a stranger …. no matter how qualified! Besides, if I am on vacation, there really isn’t any other way to spend my time with my familythan to have all 3 of us together! We take our son EVERYWHERE we go! Only 1 time, in all his life, have we ever been “UN-INVITED” (yes, you read correctly) because we were opting to take our son with us (and that was a so-called family function) I was shocked!!!

    We take our son to all hubbys employee appreciation dinners. In fact, we have been taking him with us since he was 10 months old and now everyone looks forward to him being there every year! (Psssss… maybe it’s because he is a little lady charmer all dressed up in a suit and loves dancing) LOL

  • Helen Williams Chaffins
    August 31, 2011

  • I would definitely do this but only after I had researched the program and made sure it was legit. From what I understand most of the upper scale resorts and hotels that do this do actually have trained staff or a service that provides trained people that they use and not some teenage kid that couldn’t care less about your kiddies. But I’m also the type of parent who would leave my children with their grandparents if I went on a vacation (save for that Disney adventure Michelle mentioned. Thanks!)

  • Sophia Cooper
    August 31, 2011

  • I have never left my kids w a hotel babysitter, then again I havent let anyone watch them unless it was a best friend or family, I worry about abuse both physical and sexual, this day and age you can never know, and even babies can be moelsted, and they couldnt tell me

  • Cam
    September 1, 2011

  • i just had this conversation recently about leaving my child with daycare at the gym. I can’t do it! Not there yet.

  • Janis
    September 10, 2011

  • I don’t have a problem with using the kids clubs at my gym and recently went on vacation with my 7 year old and dropped him off at our hotel’s kids program because there are usually other kids there that he can play with. After all we’re all on vacation to enjoy ourselves and relax! My son enjoyed his time there
    without any incident. I only have a trust issue for hotel babysitting services that sends someone up to your room.