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Skip Hop & Jonathan Adler? Pinch Us, We Must Be Dreaming…

Mom Jeanine
September 14, 2011

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Don’t ask me what I was doing on Facebook last night at 11 p.m., but I’m so glad I was there. Why? I came across this amazing announcement on the Skip Hop page:

“Launching in November is our designer collaboration: Jonathan Ader ♥ Skip Hop! A collection if 10 items with groovy patterns on our Duo, Dash & Pronto.”

What?! It’s no secret that we love Skip Hop’s sleek, functional diaper bags, but if there’s one person who could make them even better it’s totally Jonathan Adler. His design aesthetic is bold and a bit a quirky and we cannot wait to see what he comes up with.

Sadly we have to wait another month or so for the pics, so while we wait for the Jonathan Adler Skip Hop diaper bags, check out these other designer diaper bags we love.

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