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The Pregnancy Chronicles… Pa-Pa-Pa-Pregnancy Face

December 7, 2011


Hannah, Pregnancy Chronicles

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Hey, remember puberty? That awkward time when your skin is a mess, your breasts start growing and everything is new and slightly uncomfortable? I do… because puberty landed right on my face two weeks ago!

Suddenly, acne I hadn’t seen since I was 14 reared its ugly head. So, to all you pregnant ladies out there, or women who have been pregnant: couldn’t you have warned a girl?! Nobody ever told me that being pregnant meant that I would look like I was a few days out of braces! Sure, I heard the stories about giving birth and morning sickness, but I thought I might at least look relatively good this whole time. Where was the heads up about pregnancy acne?

Now, let me say that I am so thankful that we were able to get pregnant at all, especially when so many other women struggle to make their dreams of a family come true. Not to mention that we were lucky it happened so easily for us. I completely acknowledge all of this. However, I could totally do without the rerun of high school thank you very much!

“Did you try switching your pillow cases?” a friend asked me.
“Maybe a new face wash!”
“Did you switch moisturizers?”
“Exfoliate more.”
“Exfoliate less.”

It seems that Pregnancy Face, as I have officially named it, is something of a mystery to a lot of people. A friend told me he thinks it’s because I’m producing more skin cells now, while another said it was from the stress of the hormones.

All I know is, before pregnancy face, I had relatively nice skin. Now, I’m at a total loss! What have the rest of you done for your skin? Does this continue forever? Am I doomed to avoid chocolate forever? Because, btw, I can’t do that… I’m a total chocaholic. Maybe I can work from home for the next six months?


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  • Carm
    December 8, 2011

  • Things will even out soon. Don’t you worry. Just roll with the changes…each new one will present new challenges and joys. What an awesome way to chronicle your special time!!

  • Hannah
    December 8, 2011

  • Carm, the changes have rolled over my face. MY.FACE. This kid had better be awesome, that’s all I gotta say!

  • Kim
    December 8, 2011

  • Drink lots and lots of water. Should help a little. The first trimester wreaks havoc on your body because of all of the hormones. Oh, and just as a heads up… you have skin tags and ugly nipples to look forward to… Also, my vagina is no longer cute. That is all.

  • MOM aka Mare
    December 9, 2011

  • Those pimples will calm down closer to the end. What did you expect? LOL Kim is right…tons of water and lay off the soda of any kind. Even this pepsi junkie tossed it aside during pregnancy…my body hated it soda if you can believe that! There has been an invasion and your body is in chaos with the new renter!
    Carm’s right. Each week it will be something new. Wait till you see your belly button looking like a finger protruding by the end. I could have dialed the phone with mine!
    Wait till you see that awesome bundle at the end of all this. It will all be worth it.

    You are in for one hell of a ride lady! Enjoy every moment.
    Big hugs!!!
    As a footnote….Kim that baby girl of yours gets cuter every day!!!