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Need a Sitter for Your Next Date Night? Why Not Rent a Grandma?

Mom Jeanine
October 10, 2011

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You’re probably laughing, but I’m serious. There is an actual company that only hires out grandmas–women over the age of 50–to parents looking for a sitter. Kind of weird, but totally genius, right?

Because grandmas tend to be way more trustworthy than that teenager from the up street, they make the perfect sitters. There’s a good chance you won’t catch them texting or letting your kid do anything too dangerous. And according to the site, the granny nannies won’t just watch children. They cook, clean and help organize birthday parties, too.

Really, the only downside I could see to hiring a granny nanny is she might have trouble keeping up with particularly active kids. But if 60-year-olds can have babies now, certainly they can work as babysitters.

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Not so sure about the granny nannies? Check out Sittercity instead.
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