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My Biggest Parenting Fear? The Day My Daughter Becomes a Teenager… Who Hates Me

Mom Jeanine
August 15, 2011

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I wouldn’t say I was a particularly bad or rebellious teenager, but I definitely had my moments. I never went so far as to actually tell my parents I hated them, but there were times I thought it.

Now that I’m a parent, nothing scares me more than the day my daughter has those same thoughts. Okay, actually this does scare me more, but after that I’m terrified for my daughter to become a teenager.

Right now, I have an awesome relationship with my 3-year-old daughter. She loves me unconditionally, always wants to be where I am and listens to my every barking order. But I know those days are numbered. I know one day the tables will turn and she’ll be annoyed by everything I do, everything I say and simply being in the same room as me will be pure torture. Even though I’m probably still about 10 years away from that stage, the thought of it makes me so sad.

What about you? Do you ever lament the days when your sweet little child will grow into a teenager who isn’t so sweet? And to all you experienced moms or grandmothers, are the teenage years really as bad as they say? Are there any bright spots? Share your thoughts on raising a teenager in the comments.

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