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Looking for Children’s Music That Doesn’t Make You Want to Jump from a Moving Car? Take Music for Aardvarks on Your Next Road Trip

June 23, 2011

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When there is an artist for children that consistently offers catchy, upbeat music, I tend to pay attention. And that’s why I love David Weinstone’s Music for Aardvarks and other Mammals.

His CD, Taxi, is an all-time favorite in our house–well, our car, really–and we never tire of belting out the silly, infectious songs together. Naturally, when I got a chance to review his just-released album All I Want! I quickly planned a trip to my in-laws.

So much cool, current music for children is actually not very child-friendly, but All I Want! is truly a family-friendly album. It combines funny lyrics with everything from alternative pop to bluegrass, folksy styles to ensure you won’t grow bored on the interstate.

It won’t usurp Taxi as our favorite go-to playlist, but it makes a worthy addition to our growing Music For Aardvarks collection.

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