Merrell Kids Barefoot Shoes

If Your Kid Hates Wearing Shoes, Try Merrell’s New Barefoot Shoes

Mom Jeanine
May 25, 2011

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Always fighting with your little one to put his/her shoes on in the morning? Can’t get your kid to stop complaining about how much those shoes hurt his/her feet. Well Merrell Kids has just come to your rescue with their new Barefoot Shoes.


You’ve probably already seen those weird “toe-shoes” that are designed to help make your foot stronger and healthier by allowing it to move naturally. Well, the Merrell Kids Barefoot shoes are very similar. They actually feature the exact same Vibram sole as the toe shoes with a shock-absorbing plate for kids who like to run. Other than that, there’s just a  mesh upper with a simple hook and loop closure–there are no seams and the footbed is treating to keep germs at bay.

Pretty cool, right? Treat your kid to a pair of summer and I have a feeling your new problem will be getting him/her to take the shoes off.

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  • Cyndi Hughs
    June 19, 2011

  • I am so in love with my Merrell Pace Glove Barefoot shoe….the most comfortable thing in the world! They have them in kids also so I am posting this for all you parents out there (and this site has the best price I’ve found). Keep your little ones “barefoot” and their little feet and bodies will stay healthier!!!
    For everyone else-want some barely worn shoes? I’m taking all those other shoes I bought in search of something that wouldn’t hurt my feet or knee when I stood 13 hours to Goodwill!
    I am a barefoot convert!