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Help! I Have No Idea What to Do When My Toddler Fights With Other Kids…

Mom Jeanine
August 29, 2011

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Like lots of other people on the East Coast, I spent the weekend holed up doing my best to avoid the wrath of Hurricane Irene. We were lucky enough to miss the power outages and flooding most other areas experiences, but my weekend wasn’t without turbulence.

I stayed with a friend and her toddler daughter and for the most part it was wonderful. Our girls got along great. But let’s be real: we were stuck indoors for 48 hours so there were also times when they annoyed the crap out of each other. And when one or the other came crying to me because “she took my doll” or “she screamed at me,” I had no idea what to say.

Because we were at someone else’s house, I felt like I couldn’t really force the other little girl to share. But at the same time, we were guests and she has a million toys. Shouldn’t she let my daughter play with just one thing? I was completely stumped and just did my best to distract my little girl with toys we’d brought from home whenever there was a tiff.

But I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to distract. So help! What do you do when your child and your friend’s child fight? Stick up for your kid? Side with the other? Tell them both to be quiet and find something else to play with? Share your experience with toddler conflict in the comments.

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