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Going, Going, Gone… Designer Maternity Jeans Under $100

Mom Jeanine
January 12, 2011

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Baby bump getting too big for that first batch of maternity pants you bought? That’s okay because there are tons of cute maternity jeans and maternity pants on sale at We’re talking designer brands like AG Jeans and Mavi for under $100! Even if you only have a few months left, these prices are too good to pass up.


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  • Sarah Nicholson
    January 27, 2013

  • When buying maternity jeans – designer or not – you basically have 2 choices: those that really look like maternity jeans (and let’s face it you reach a point where there’s not hiding your bump) or those that don’t look like maternity jeans. What I mean by looking like a maternity jean is the large conspicuous stretch band across your tummy. If you want a legging jean that is less conspicuous, try the Paige Denim Maternity Union Legging. The waistband sits under your belly. It’s a slim fit skinny legging with a subtle elastic stretch panel to the left and right side of your waist. Super stretchy, comfy and modern. However, the sizing can be smaller than expected.