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Go the F**k to Sleep: A Book for Sleep-Deprived Parents

April 28, 2011

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Go the F**k to Sleep book
There’s nothing sweet about sleepless nights with baby. I know. My son was a poor sleeper. Actually, that’s an understatement. The little man woke up screaming every night his first year of life, and my husband and I tried everything and anything to get him back to sleep…or at least to stop crying.

We’d bounce him on a yoga ball a hundred times each (why our stomachs were still flabby, I’ll never know), rock him just so in the rocking chair, and hum chants that would put Tibetan monks to shame. It made us crazy, and we were exhausted, and how we survived is still a mystery.

Actually, one thing that helped was having a sense of humor about it. Parenting is messy, and it can stink (literally and figuratively) and sometimes the late night comic in you wants to say “Go the f**k to sleep” already.

Agree?  If so, there’s Adam Mansbach’s new Go the F**k to Sleep book. No, it’s not meant to replace your copy of  Goodnight Moon. That would be silly! It’s a funny parents book for moms and dads who are at their wits’ end who need a laugh before another sleepless night.

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