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Exclusive! Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham Talks Regrets After Blowing Up at Her Parents

Mom Jeanine
August 31, 2011


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On last night’s episode of Teen Mom, tensions finally came to a head between Farrah and her parents during their trip to Arizona. Some not-so-nice things were said, so we chatted with Farrah to find out how she was feeling after seeing the episode:

Why did you decide to invite your parents to visit Arizona with you?
I wanted to invite my parents because they met in Arizona and my dad lived there with my grandparents for years. I thought they would help me find a great place for Sophia and me.

Why did you get so frustrated with your parents while in Arizona?
I don’t know if anyone noticed, but my parents were taking me places that were not fit for me to live. Their comments were negative during the whole trip and it was very frustrating. I wanted this to be a  positive trip, but instead I felt like my parents wanted to make it more about them.

What were they doing that bothered you most?
The most aggravating time in the trip was when we were having dinner. Instead of admitting that they could have helped me plan a more successful trip ahead of time, they insisted on telling me that “they could of shown me this and that.” The reality is that they never bothered to really offer that beforehand. To me, hearing them say they helped me the best they could was really disappointing because when I asked to go other places they never listened. At the end of the day, I’m sure they knew what they did was not okay because they knew the reason we were going to Arizona was to look at a good, affordable area for Sophia and I to live. They probably reacted the way they did because they didn’t want us to move.

Do you think your parents really understand why you want to move?
My parents are not supportive of me moving, so asking for them to be understanding is completely unrealistic at this point. They still need time to take it in.

Do you feel like they are trying to holding you back or keep you under their control?
Yes, very much so. I think it was very noticable from last night’s episode.

Ultimately, are you glad that your parents went to Arizona with you?
In the end, I was not happy that my parents came to Arizona. It was not a good idea, even though I thought it would have had the best outcome.

Having seen the episode, do you have any regrets?
The only thing that would have made a difference is if I went to Arizona on my own. Other than that, I have no regrets. The fight with my parents in Arizona just confirmed to me that I can’t rely on them for helping me make choices for moving.

Do you wish you could take anything back?
I don’t take anything back. I’m open and real and true to my feelings. I have nothing to hide and my parents love me for that.

Also–random question–have you always called your dad Michael?
Everyone asks this. I have a sister and we have different dads, so in all fairness to my sister I call my dad Michael just like she does and everyone else in my family. It works out fairly this way in my family. I do call my dad “Dad” sometimes. If others look at this as a disrespectful thing then you can talk to my mom about it. I never started it, I was taught to do it this way.

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  • a.s.
    August 31, 2011

  • I still don’t understand why momfinds thinks that this gossip about such an irresponsible television show is relevant. Please stop posting this garbage about this entitled teenager and get back to substantive posts.

  • Kristi
    August 31, 2011

  • what a disrespectful young women. Her parents help her so much and love that baby. Farah is just all about her self I have a baby the same age and I live away from my family but try and go back and see them as often as possible because i know my daughter is the happiest when she is around a whole family who loves her. If it were not for my husbands job we would be back there and he looks for jobs back home daily. that is the difference between having a baby at her age and a normal age when you are a little older you are ready to stop being selfish and put your child first. I completley agree with Farrah’s mom I almost with she could have custody of Sophia, because I just feel Farrah is so selfish it makes me sad for Sophia that she will be ripped away from people who love her..No matter how mad i was at my parents I just would not talk to them like that. ever I almost feel Farrah needs some sort of medication that anger is just not normal. I don’t believe in hitting, but I can definatley see why at some point her mom ended up hitting her how much is one lady supposed to take. I mean we are all not perfect, but can you imagine being talked to like that when her mom really tries to be kind to her. Get it together Farrah grow up!

  • Nicole
    August 31, 2011

  • She’s so immature, it’s unbelievable. After everything her parents have done for her, she still has the nerve to treat them with utter disrespect. She should be embarrassed, and she should hope her daughter doesn’t take after her mother when it comes to treating parents like complete crap.

  • JW
    August 31, 2011

  • I have to fast foward through her scenes because of the way she treats her parents. How can she not sympathize that her mom is going to miss her and her grandchild? I live in a different city and I know how much it kills my mom to have us away, and I do my darndest to share everything with her still.

  • cheryk
    August 31, 2011

  • Farrah the way you speak to your parents is AWFUL! you guys may disagree you may feel like theyre trying to ruin your plans but thats no excuse.. your mouth is what caused your mom to pop you a good one. while i dont condone violence Im sure she was at her wits end with your total lack of respect. They just want whats best for you .The best thing that can happen is sofia treats you this same way when shes your age and FINALLY youll understand. i wish nothing but the best for all of you but SHOW some respect.

  • Jessica Dierene
    August 31, 2011

  • She’s so immature, it’s unbelievable. After everything her parents have done for her, she still has the nerve to treat them with utter disrespect. She should be embarrassed, and she should hope her daughter doesn’t take after her mother when it comes to treating parents like complete crap. you really need to get a clue farrah and get back to use and your poor parents when you do. how disrespectful you should be ashamed

  • Mandy
    August 31, 2011

  • Farrah is a brat, it’s that simple. Her mom dotes on Sophia, it’s natural for her not to want her to go, it probably feels like her hearts being ripped out. Farrah wouldn’t know this as she is so heartless, she needs psychological help. she pushes everyone away and it’s disgusting she doesn’t regret it. I feel sad for Sophia, Farrah is a good mom but the way she is to others isn’t a good example to her daughter. I pray little Sophia doesn’t turn out like her mom.

  • Kat
    September 1, 2011

  • If I were Farrah’s parents, I would be mortified that this is how I raised a child to treat me. She’s obviously unbearable as she has NO friends whatsoever. What a sad life to lead- living off of your child for fame. Poor sophia.

    You can be open and honest, but your attitude is god awful. Just because you are on MTV doesn’t make you famous. I know celebrities that are a million times more well behaved than this idiot and half her age. Are you kidding me?

    This chick is overglorified and is not a good parent. She’s selling her kid out for $$, goes out all the time is just trying to be a model/actress. The boobs did nothing to distract from her ginormous schnoz.

    Yes, your instructor was right, you are a b*tch with a poor attitude.

    Just watch the interview where her last BF talks about how she really is off camera and how she attempts to act like an angel on screen. Can you imagine if she’s that wretched on the show how she is in real life. I would have no problem running this dumb itch over with my SUV just to shut her up.

    Ugh. Can’t wait until her time is up. Then she’ll probably go into real estate like her poor mother and marry some douche who will end up dumping her body in Aruba because she won’t shut that hole in her head. Yes, you sound like cats dying when you talk.

    Eff you Farrah. You give mother and women everywhere a bad name. Oh and BTW- nice weave. it looks like a rat’s nest.

  • Deez
    September 1, 2011

  • You will regret the way you treat your parents
    When it is all said and done.
    You need to grow up, despite what
    You believe the world does extend beyond
    The tip of your nose …

  • Me.
    September 1, 2011

  • Farrah’s parents did not do a good job of raising her – and her sister is soooooooooo much prettier than she is! Farrah doesn’t have any friends, because she is a jerk. That’s partly her parents fault for the way they raised her, and partly her fault for still acting that way!

  • me
    September 1, 2011

  • What’s sad here is Farrah offered a link to this page from her twitter about wether she was sorry or not about the way she treats her parents…

    SAD. she is so immature.

    Did she think fake titties would make her better looking? DID NOT HELP!

    Poor Sophia. Farrah is soooooo self absorbed and self richeous. She thinks how she acts is appropriate, or everyone else’s fault – so and so died, so it is okay that I mourn and act like a moron… My parents were getting a divorce, so its okay that I yell and demand things… Its hard because her parents really did train her to be like this, and sad because she needs to change, and change is hard.

    BTW – did you know people with breast implants are more likely to commit suicide?

  • brendamiller
    September 1, 2011

  • Farrah you got the Nerve to say your parents don”t help you who in the Hell babysit while you were in New York or whereever you where. They are only looking out for you like all parents do . Do you think its easy for your mom to come in a caught you in bed wih a boy i would of wiped your ass i don”t care how big you are. You are a very Disrespectful child you know exactly what you do and say. Your ex even said you are so mean to the Producers and was ordering him around like a slave he got tired of it didn”t he. One thing for sure you will never have a boyfriend until you change your ways. and you think you are pretty you need to get plastic Surgery on that Hocker of your your nose is huge instead of a tit job you should of had a nose job..

  • Nadia Salazar
    September 2, 2011

  • She needs to learn some respect!! shes teaching bad habits to her daughter and it will come back to her!!

  • M-Q
    September 2, 2011

  • Seriously??… Ok let me start by saying that this kid (Farrah) is irresponsible, rude, ridiculous and she is so disrespectful of her mom. How can you tell your mother that she shouldn’t have had you… Your fights and your attitude are going to harm your little girl… Your mom is so right about you… YOU REALLY NEED HELP…I thought this show was going to present the reality of a teenager mom but what they are showing, in this particular case, is a terribly immature young woman (NOT TEENAGER) who does not know what to do in order to get attention from the viewers of this show and her parents of course. Stop using your family to make your show look interesting.. YOU HAVE NO DRAMA IN YOUR LIFE…they are trying to protect your kid… You probably don’t care but you should talk to a psychiatrist and try to fix the problem you have with your mother… AND CONTROL YOUR ANGER…I hope you THINK TWICE before you talk to your mom and dad the way you do, but specially your mom… You will regret it when she is not the to help you… Do it for your kid .. and stop being so selfish and immature…

  • Peqchy
    September 2, 2011

  • Farrah is a gargantuan C**T to her parents. She needs to mop up all the regurgitated hateful spew she charmed them with and apologize. Snobby, half-wit B!

  • AMT
    September 2, 2011

  • Farrah is so desrespectful to her parents. Not only does she disrespect them, but she disrespects Sophia by yelling at her parents in the way she does when Sophia is around. I have never heard anyone talk to their parents the way Farrah tlaks to her parents. That girl takes everything her parents have helped her with for granted, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that hasn’t heard Farrah say even one thank you to them. When she calls her mom on the phone she never says “I love you,” to her mom, she just says hand the phone to Sophia, or let me talk to sophia. She is an ungreatful brat who will definitely get a reality check when she moves becayse grandma isn’t going to be around anymore when she wants to find a new house or new job. She’s going to have to pay for a babysitter or daycare. Not free anymore. Grow up Farrah.

  • AMT
    September 2, 2011

  • And another thing, can I just say that she is so rude to her father, “Here Michael you can put her in the backseat.” What the hell, seriously? You also have the nerve to say that your parents don’t help you with shit when, your mom is letting you rent out her house to you, your parents babysit Sophia ALL the time while youre gone. Like seriously? GROW UP.

  • Dannii
    September 2, 2011

  • I really hope that Farrah reads this. She posted the link, and not one person has a good thing to say about her. I hope this gives her a kick in the right direction, and make steps to change. I don’t know who would want to offer her a job after behaving the way she does. She needs to get over her ego!

  • Kay
    September 2, 2011

  • Don’t waste time reading it if you aren’t interested.

  • Farrahisugly
    September 3, 2011

  • It sounds like she is almost proud of herself and thinks she is mature. I am glad that she knows that she is screwed up, and is going for coucilling. Its a good thing her Mom has money. But the look at how she was raised. Her mom is a looney! WOW. I agree that Farrah is out to lunch, but her Mom is crazy – no wonder Farrah turned out the way she did. And how did Farrah get into modeling? Her sister is gorgeous, but Farrah??? The only reason she is even partly presentable is the money she has invested in her looks. If she would spend more time working on her character than her looks she would get further.

    And she really doesn’t get how much her parents do for her – she is oblivious.I am surprised she linked to this article.

  • Maria Antonieta
    September 4, 2011

  • I don’t why you think everyone in your life are always wrong and you always right?
    from Sophia’s father, your sister( as you said you don’t get on well) and your parents you never get them on well… Farah why is that you don’t have any friends? why is it everyone sees you illogical, irresponsible, irrational, naive, unsatisfied, gullible,impulsive,careless impatient, hot-tempered,insecure,and unstable. If you don’t seek help,control and manage your negative side you’ll end up lonely life, that would also ruin little Sophia’s life. How you going to explain Sophia when she grows up and watch teen mom’s series and ask you why you behaved that way? You got to be a good example for your daughter and teach her how to treat her well to you, her aunt, her grand parents and generally people. Don’t charge your mouth before you charge your brain. You got to seek help before it’s too late. I watch you say hurtful things to your mum like… You need a psychiatrist. Please don’t think that only mad people that needs a psychiatrist, you have behaviour problems with every one. Most of the time you are angry! sort yourself out!!

  • Mace
    September 6, 2011

  • It is absolutely gut wrenching to watch Farrah treat her daughter’s two loving grandparents like they’re garbage and worthless. What parents travel to another state to drive their daughter around looking for a place? Not many would give up their daily responsibilities to cater to you. Farrah’s mom said it perfect, YOU NEED HELP! You simply don’t treat anyone like that, especially your parents. Unless of course you need help, which you do Farrah. You made your bed, quit blaming everyone but yourself. Be humble to the people still by your side supporting you and caring about you and your daughter. Karma’s a 8*tch and you have it coming 10 fold…i feel sorry for you..

  • J.N
    September 7, 2011

  • Seriously everyone you try being 16 and pregnant and see how it is. You should stop posting crap about people you dont know anything about, you have only seen Farrah on a TV show. You havent see the relationship with her family so dont judge.

  • lala
    September 7, 2011

  • WOW, what a MEGA-B**TCH….she NEVER has an even remotely civil tone when she talks to her parents. She needs a big slap back to reality and what gets me even more is that she has had 3 seasons to see herself on tv and her behavior towards others and has done nothing to change it. Talk about someone who thinks she’s “entitled” I would bet her picture is next to the definition in the dictionary!!!!

  • lala
    September 7, 2011

  • I can’t believe that when asked if there was anything she would change she said no….she has to be the most hated teen mom to date after reading everyone’s comments that’s how it appears, even beating out Janelle who…wow was almost too stupid to hate as much as someone with what appears to be intelligent, she may want to enroll into some kind of interpersonal relationship course or some kind of class that will teach her how to interact with us “less entitled folk”….I also agree with the post about how and why someone would give her an opportunity to model, she’s all sorts of jacked up….

  • PoorSophia
    September 7, 2011

  • I don’t think Farrah is trying to be a bad person, I just think she is completely clueless as to how she acts. It does bug me that she watches herself on TV – then justifies herself – it should be obvious to her that she is being a jerk – but she instead looks at excuses. Her parents are partly to blame – I mean her Mom is kind of a nut case, and they obviously spoiled her. It is too bad that Farrah just doesn’t get it – then wonders why she is unhappy, and alone. Take a hint, Farrah. You are the problem – allthough I agree that your parents were the guiding force that formed you into a spoiled, self centered brat. Why do you think when you read these things? Does it hit home at all?

    At the same time, change is really hard. You know you need help, and you are trying to get it.

    Farrah’s Mom is controlling and pushy and … i think I would get annoyed with her too.

  • momisnuts
    September 7, 2011

  • Holy crow – Farrah’s mom is a control freak nut case – she wants Farrah to leave sophia with her? HEr mom wants full custody of sophia – nut case

  • Emily E
    September 10, 2011

  • She’s ridiculous. She’s so rude to them and all they try to do is help. Grow up Farrah and learn how to be a mom. As for her daughter I feel so bad for that baby. Farrah only cares about herself. I heard she got another dog after giving Kandi away. After having a diaper on a dog I don’t think she should be allowed to own another animal.

  • Emily E
    September 10, 2011

  • Oh, and all she ever does is blame them for all of the fights they have when usually it’s her fault because she can’t control her temper. She needs anger management. I don’t see why they should have to plan her trip to Arizona when she’s the one moving there. It should be her responsibility. I don’t know what she’ll do when she doesn’t have a free babysitter.