Childrens Store Sells Crotchless Panties

Epic Fail: Children’s Store Sells Crotchless Panties for Kids

November 16, 2011

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Farah Silver, Good Question, hot topic

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Crotchless Panties for Kids
You read that right.  A children’s store in Colorado selling crotchless thong panties. Not exactly what you expect to find in a place called Kids n Teen, right? But that’s exactly what mother Erin French found at the shop while shopping with her two kids. X-rated panties sized to fit a 7-year old. Disgusted? Join the club!

What kind of children’s store carries X-rated underwear? What the heck were the owners thinking? I mean, under what circumstance would it ever be OK for a little kid to wear crotchless panties? What kind of message are they sending to young girls?  Those panties are crotchless for a reason!

In their defense, the owners explained that 25% of their inventory caters to teenagers and that they’re ‘still trying to figure out what to include as merchandise’.  Is it just me who thinks these guys are clueless?  I wonder if they even have kids?  Because teenager or not, it is never appropriate to sell crotchless panties in a children’s store.  Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

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