Trick or Treat Halloween Candy

Do You Hand Out Halloween Candy, Toothbrushes or Nothing At All?

September 23, 2011

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Good Question, Halloween

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Halloween Candy

Halloween is a big deal at my house. We decorate with pumpkins galore (nothing creepy or gross), get dressed up in funny costumes (yes, even the grown-ups), and we take trick-or-treating seriously.

See, when you come to my house, you’re getting candy…good candy. Sorry, but you’re not getting a toothbrush, or pennies, or even nickels. I mean, what’s the fun in that?  We stock up on bags of the good stuff (or bad stuff depending on how you look at it) from Costco, and my kids divvy them up into festive goodie bags…about 100 of them. Yeah, we get that much traffic on Halloween.

Which makes me wonder…what do you hand out for Halloween?  Do you give out Halloween candy, toothbrushes or nothing at all?

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  • Stephanie Hodges
    September 28, 2011

  • Our housing is new and the last 2 years have only been my child and a neighbor down the street. This year a few new kids moved in as last neighbors moved out. But our street is only one side houses (across the way is big pasture/field as out in the country).

    So it would be very rare to have a trick or treater still.

    We go to the trunk and treat at the church where we sit with our neighbors to hand out candy. I have seen some silly, tacky, cute and then just normal candy things.

    I think it should be up to the parent to inspect, monitor and to teach healthy habits. My daughter got 4 toothbrushes last year. Which saves me money, but then again, I don’t want to stock up toothbrushes that can last me for a few years if that number of receiving increases. I will not accept fruits, veggies or hand made foods. I will only allow my daughter to accept candy that is fully wrapped and come out of a new opened big variety type bag.

    Halloween is very commericialized and many kids have no clue what ANY holiday is about. All they do is see food and gifts of some sort is always involved in a holiday. Easter is eggs/peeps/baskets. Thanksgiving is turkey etc. Xmas is presents/santa, egg nog. Halloween is just an example that it is about dressing up and getting candy (junk food).

    I just think it should be held up to the parent to make decisions on the child’s health and let the doctor’s/dentist make the concerns on the child’s health.