Do You Dress Up for Halloween?

Do You Dress Up for Halloween?

September 22, 2011

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Do You Get Dress Up for Halloween?
You probably already have a couple of different Halloween costume ideas for your kid, but what about you?  Do you dress up for Halloween or do you leave the dressing up to the kids?

Me?  Well, the picture above should answer the question.  That’s me with my husband dressed up as hippies last year, and let me tell you…we had a blast.  It was a riot getting out of our regular clothes and pretending to be someone else for one night, and our kids couldn’t stop laughing.  Silly, yes, but it’s good for kids to see their parents look and act silly once in a while.

What about you?  Are you wearing a Halloween costume this year?  If so, what are you wearing? Share in the comments below.

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