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Did You Know December Is The Best Month to Buy…

Mom Jeanine
December 20, 2011

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This morning I was totally sucked into reading an article about the best items to buy in December. Because I love shopping and I’m always looking for a deal, I had to see what I was missing.

Turns out, much to my surprise, December is actually the best month to buy… winter apparel and accessories. For real! The article reasons that most stores will want to start displaying spring items in January, so they’re looking to get rid of winter items, which they’ve had on display for 2-3 months now. Counterintuitive, right? But kind of awesome, too?

I just had to check for myself, and yes, it turns out that tons of winter merch is seriously on sale right now. I started at J. Crew and found all these cute winter accessories and coats on sale, plus they’re an additional 30% off today only with code SNOWMAN at checkout.


But more stores have pretty steep discounts on winter apparel and accessories, too. Here are just a few:

Hats, gloves and scarves make the perfect gifts or stocking stuffers for kids and I don’t know an adult who would turn down a new coat. So check those final people off your list with some cheap winter apparel!

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